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How are you going home this fall?

The stores are filled with harvest news these days. Here are the interior purchases you should invest.

How are you going home this fall?

Even though we are only in June, autumn goods have already begun to fill the stores. And if you’re ready for a change at home, yes, the autumn’s interior trends certainly have something to offer to most. For this season you can really cool in cool details to your home – whether you like rough rustics or prefer gold and glamor.

Some trends still hold the desire to bring nature into the form of pattern and furniture with print or color from nature and the animal kingdom. The industrial silk is also not ready to let go, and delicate Nordic colors are still popular with the trendy.

Trend researcher

The Dutch trend researcher Li Edelkoort is behind the large, renowned trendy TrendUnion in Paris. For years, she has been considered one of the creative world’s greatest trend defenders and draws full houses worldwide for her lectures.

TrendUnion analyzes and further disseminates concepts, colors and materials for the interior and fashion industry. Here are Edelkoort predictions for the interior image, as it stands in 2012:

1. Wood, please feel free. Bark and bark patterns are also going to happen.

2. Linen and other natural materials.

3. Cross stitching, knitting and other handicraft traditions.

4. Red colors, but in combination with white and bright colors.

5. Personal homemade details.

How are you going home this fall?

BLUE IS HOT: The summer’s hottest color is still in the wind this fall. Photo: Ikea, Åhlens, Producer

How are you going home this fall?

INDUSTRY: We still grow the rough industrial silk. Photo: Madam Stolz / Producer

1. Nordic

Many people believe in a clean, Scandinavian and Nordic style in the interior this fall.

– We have called one of our main directions for the autumn for “Nordic,” explains Lena Nydal Vidnes at Åhlens to Bonytt. no.

– Nordic is a fresh theme that is recognized in the modern, clean and simple style. The color palette is calm, in tones from white to gray, and with the use of primary colors as an accent.

Vidnes also believes in the use of graphic patterns, such as rows and stripes, used as a contrast, receive the bright tones in the palette.

At Living, they also believe in Scandinavian minimalism, the classic Nordic pure expression.

-The modern, clean interior with touches of light wood, simple shapes and touches from the 50’s returns, explains communication manager Stine Johnsen at Living to Bonytt. no.

– This style is based on a white base with touches of other dashes.

– For several seasons it has now been trendy to bring nature into the living room, explains Sara Husby at Kremmerhuset.

– This style stands out. We have fallen in love with the delicate Nordic colors and textiles with pictures of the creatures of the forest.

Husby explains that with them they have defined the style of colors like white, sand and dull blue tones that go again.

– Simple shapes and details. Light woodwork is also maintained.

2. Blue Hour

How are you going home this fall?

MINIMALISM: Living believes in a clean and light Scandinavian style this fall. Photo: Living / Manufacturers

How are you going home this fall?

LIGHT TONES: Bloomingville also focuses on delicate Nordic tunes this fall. Photo: Bloomingville

Clean clear blue tones were everywhere to see in both spring and summer, and many will enjoy the color that will remain popular throughout the autumn as well.

How are you going home this fall?

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– We focus on different surfaces and textures in blue tones, which also turn into beige and gray, explains Vidnes.

– True Blue, as we’ve called the style direction, should have a sense of an English library, with lights and stuffed furniture in rows and blue together.

Ikea came out with the collection Blue, which emphasizes this fascination with the color.

3. Bohemia live

More believe that the wild and romantic bohemian existence will take place this fall. At H&M Home, one believes in a colorful mix of soft and natural materials. Wanted floral patterns, soft velvet and clear colors dominate the style.

– With us, we have defined one trend direction like Urban Romance, explains Sara Husby for Kremmerhuset to Bonytt. no.

– The expression in this style is a mix of romantic elements put together with tougher products. Soft fabrics in dust pink, plum, sea green, gray and black, with touches of blank textiles and flower patterns,

How are you going home this fall?

BOHEMEN LEVE: Åhlens believes that we will find our inner bohemian this fall. Photo: Åhlens

How are you going home this fall?

WE WILL HAVE IT: Here are some of the autumn favorites at Living. Photo: Living / Manufacturers

Husby explains that glass vases and silver platters as accents will provide a romantic atmosphere with the bohemian romance.

How are you going home this fall?

Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

Oh, too, hang on to the trend where rich patterns in red and orange tones flourish.

– Imagine patterns, explains Wild.

– Embroidered, patch, flowered and roses, all in a beautiful union. The bohemian home is the easiest to create with a lot of textile, and then with multicolored carpets in many varieties that give a warm feeling in the room.

4. Ville West

At H&M Home you will welcome the fall in real cowboy style. In the Authentic Tradition style, it dominates rustic, with burned colors and natural tones. Worn leather, washed linen and inka patterns are hot.

– We see more ethnic features in the form of kelim and inka pattern, Johnsen explains at Living.

How are you going home this fall?

BLOMSTERBARN: H&M Home believes that we will be inspired by Bohemian and romantic in autumn. Photo: H&M Home

– In the style we called Urban Nature dominates colors like rusty, plum and militar green. Here you are not afraid to mix the pattern.

How are you going home this fall?

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Johnsen explains that the rough and the industrial go well with this harsh style.

– Industrial lamps and raw wood are perfect for this style. We want to take nature.

At Kremmerhuset, they also think we will fall in love with this style this winter.

– We have called the style of the world into the living room, Husby explains.

– Here is the trend of burned colors and dark details. The inspiration may be from, for example, India.

Husby explains that keywords here are: dark wood, leather and textiles in colors like brown, rust and sand.

Norway’s Varemesse also tracks the trend of its websites:

“Heat coral tones, petroleum, and burnt orange and red colors. The colors function as block color and as controlled prints, inspired by geometric shapes and art world. Golden metal details round the look, like waves in a color-matched expression. “

5. Graphic

– We still want to be drawn to the graphic expression, Husby explains.

– Black and white are hot, and preferably with gray and yellow as a contrast.

Bolina also believes in strong graphic patterns in black and white, in addition to typography – also in contrast, black and white.

How are you going home this fall?

WANTED THE VEST: At H&M Home we are going to play cowboy and indians this fall. Photo: H&M Home

6. Gold and glamor

How are you going home this fall?

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Art Deco patterns, gold and glamor stand out for H&M Home’s Decadence Glamor Collection. Here the interior shines in a mix of patterns and textures, usually with an Art Deco twist. Stains of gold and copper abound.

7. Play and fun

Colors of playful and happy leaves at Bloomingville, House Doctor and Madam Stolz this fall. Natural tones, black and white get a playful twist when adding accent colors like pale yellow or pink.

At Norway’s Varemesse, you have also received this when you talk about the main trends for interior in winter and autumn:

“The strong colors can be used as a dot on the dusty part of the color scale. “

How are you going home this fall?

DEKADENT: At H&M Home we will embrace our inner diva with gold and glitter this fall. Photo: H&M Home

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How are you going home this fall?

SUFFICIENT COLORS: Glaze color cheer up gray and white tones. Photo: Bloomingville

How are you going home this fall?

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