House lost became Oslo’s most expensive

Talk about transformation. The architects gave the old Vettakoll villa two new floors and a complete refurbishment – inside as well. When it was announced for sale in 2008 it was Oslo’s most expensive residence.

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

TROLISH: When it’s twisting on Vettakollen, right at the border with Nordmarka, the house and the pool are lit as lamps. Photo: Lie Eyes

– This house should be distinctly bright, open and done in clean lines, the builder told Bonytt when this villa was presented there in 2010.

Homely in steep terrain

However, it did not prevent the owner from wishing that the villa in the steep slope on Vettakollen, near Holmenkollen, had a homely feel.

Good grip gives warmth

This warm impression was created, among other things, by the use of dark hardwood floors on walls and other decorative elements.

More in the same cool street

This lush grip can also be seen in the spectacular Villa 1 in the Netherlands and in the Wallpaper favorite White House at Oslo. This futuristic Enebakk villa is also a bit of a snap.

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

TOTAL PROTECTION: The old, immaculate residence was transformed into the modern and user-friendly housing of architects. Photo: Lie Eyes

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

KUL CASH: From the garden you can see how the new concrete house is distributed on several levels. Check the roof terrace and the cool exterior concrete staircase. Photo: Lie Eyes

Nice design, also for children

Although this residence is both exclusive and has a distinctive design quality, it is also useful for children, explains the builder to

Good design is functional

– It’s precisely this good design should deal with, he believes. Good shape, in addition to being comfortable for the eye, should also be functional.

Young architects took care of old houses

Behind the overall transformation of the old, box-like house are the Oslo architects Tanja Lie and Kristoffer Øyen.

They did not therefore be afraid that the existing house was run down and had limited access to the outside areas. And not even that, the technical condition of electrical systems, windows and insulation was also so.

Fantastic plot

The architects emphasized that the crucial success factor in the project – the plot of almost two goals – was amazing. “It opened for many exciting possibilities,” the island told

Four floors and jacuzzi on the roof

With the two new floors, the house has 438 square meters of space spread over four floors, and on top of the house there is a roof terrace with jacuzzi and views of the great part of the Oslo fjord. The residence has six bedrooms and spa area, and the casting pool on the ground is surrounded by a large living area plastered with light concrete and hardwood.

A house that amazes

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

FULL OPENING: The living room has floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the room’s length. Photo: Jan Larsen

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

MODERN MIC: Here you can see how the warm wood on the walls is playing smooth concrete and modern design furniture. The fireplace is the old one, from the original house. Photo: Jan Larsen

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

SPEAKING TAKES: The classic pop art chair of the Finnish Eero Aarnio is a light and airy touch against the dominant, bastard concrete in the common rooms. Photo: Jan Larsen

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

BLYTUNGE, LEKNE FORMER: Here you can see how the architects have “played” with the concrete. They used both different types of concrete, molding and finishing. Photo: Jan Larsen

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

REFINED: Reproductive colors, shapes and materials create a vibrant interior. Photo: Jan Larsen

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

SITE I SPECIAL CLASS: The gray and slightly matte concrete on the wall creates an excellent background for the modern living rooms. Photo: Jan Larsen

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

TENSIBLE CONNECTIONS: Using good and lasting materials even turns into exciting space experiences. Photo: Jan Larsen

The architects otherwise describe this villa as a place that offers surprises. It provides both different levels in the house and clearly distinguishes between outside and inside.

Bamboo is beautiful

And the exotic material bamboo we encounter in several places around the home. “This is relatively new and exciting feature in the Norwegian interior market,” says Kristoffer Øyen, emphasizing that bamboo neither shrinks are swells with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Bamboo also has beautiful color paintings and drawings in the wood.

Sustainable and durable

– Additionally, this is a fast-growing, durable and durable material, the eye clarifies.

Violent power

– The keywords for this Vettakollen house are in addition harmony and balance, extends the architect Tanja Lie to bonytt. no.

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

CLEANING: The bathroom is crisp white and elegant – and the view is also excellent. Photo: Lie Eyes

And she tells that she in this and in other buildings she has drawn has been heavily inspired by the use of concrete.

Toys with concrete

– This material is actually possible to play with, she claims. “There is something amazing with the raw organic in a rigid concrete pulp.

But you should have your tongue right in your mouth when planning concrete in concrete emphasizes the architect.

Can concrete compete with wooden houses?

Tanja Lie also believes that even though concrete houses are somewhat more expensive than traditional wooden houses, concrete homes, under otherwise equal conditions, could compete with wooden houses seen in a lifelong perspective.

Shiny white concrete

In this project, Lie and colleague Øyen deliberately used light, polished white concrete surfaces against heavier gray and rough concrete surfaces, both inside and outside. This creates both constraints and tensions around the plant, they say.

Oslo’s most expensive design gem

When this Vettakollen property was out for sale in 2008 it was with its 28 million Oslo’s most expensive accommodation.

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House lost became Oslo's most expensive

SAMSPILL: The staircase next to the living room is distinctly clean and, like elsewhere in the house, we see the use of glass, sanded concrete and bamboo. Photo: Lie Eyes

House lost became Oslo's most expensive

HOT DESIGN: The sauna has a cedar decor that it turns off. It is located on the lower level, which means you can go straight to the pool outside the house. Photo: Lie Eyes

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House lost became Oslo's most expensive

– Among other things, we were responsible for total project planning, building management of main buildings, carport, garage, all interiors, swimming pool and outdoor plan, says the architects Tanja Lie and Kristoffer Øyen. Photo: Lie Øyen

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House lost became Oslo's most expensive

Cut of concrete villa Photo: DRAWING: Lie øyen Arkitekter


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