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Home office in a closet

Space for a closet in the living room or in the bedroom is all you need to get the home office you want.

Home office in a closet

Home office in a closet

SMOKING: The Italian Fantoni skates, b 200 x d 50 x h 114 cm, are made of aluminum and black painted, winge-colored, white-washed or leather-tipped front. From $ 25,000, Mountain Studio. Photo: Manufacturers

Home office in a closet

Inspirational home office

Compact skateboards, wardrobe with extendable table tops and other fix solutions allow the home office to be placed virtually anywhere. After your work session, you close the door and the office turns into a nice piece of furniture.

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The solutions are available in several price ranges, from the simple IKEA tax rates as “Alve” to kr. 2370, for designer furniture from Fantoni in Italy to kr. 25,000.




Robert Tandberg

Acme Interior

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