Hitachi C8FSHE 1050W

An easy-to-use and otherwise good case. Little to draw for.

Hitachi C8FSHE 1050W

In short:

+ Easy operation, nice cut.

Makes a lot of

There was little assembly before use, and the case has simple, single-handed operation. The facility is fine but lacks sideways expansion. Good handles and usable low weight make it easy to transport. The machine is equipped with precise laser and well adjustable light. In addition, the depth template is easy to use. The case seems solidly constructed, apart from the blade cover. The engine seems powerful, but the matter is out loud much. It gives nice and accurate incisions.

Power: 1050 W

Capacity: 70×312 mm

Lead diameter: 216 mm

Weight: 14.5kg

The manufacturer’s information about the saga can be found here.


Producer Hitachi Price 4462


A user-friendly professional quality case, with good technical solutions.

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