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Hide the bad junk dumps

Make a nice shed to your trash cans, so you will not be responsible for the neighborhood’s eye sores. Here you will get good advice.

Hide the bad junk dumps

It can be smart to shield your waste containers and just see how fine it can be. Nina with the blog Dill and dall and probably has Norway’s most romantic garbage cask.

Rather than being a shame for her beautiful house, garbage dumps become a natural part of the living room. It’s hard to imagine there’s trash inside.

But it should not be done ugly so advanced. If all you want is that the garbage dumps do not culminate in bumps in the driveway, or worse: falling over and getting ready for a flock of crows and seagulls, it’s not going to be big work.

There are many solutions, and all are simple in the first place. Then it’s up to you to complicate them as you wish.

Hide the bad junk dumps

VARIATIONS: There should be something for everyone! First you will see a waste house from BÃ¥tsfjord Service, as number two you will see a waste house from Treko, as number three you will see a modern waste house nominated for the construction cost price, the big picture is of a waste house in timber shown on the bottom, next you see a red waste house from Hanevold Case that is untreated, the last waste house is from Mobilsaga. The houses not mentioned are examples I have found on the renovation agency’s websites in different municipalities. Photo: Manufacturers

On the website of Vesar, which runs household renovation for municipalities, we found some simple and good tips for shredding garbage dumps:

1. Hedge or evergreen shrubs:

Place the containers on a cast plate. On the sides and behind, there are evergreen bushes planted. You can use hedge plants or climbing plants. If you choose the latter, you must also set up a plaque that the plant can attach.

2. Fenced:

Hide the bad junk dumps

HEKK: Another option to beautify the line of garbage sticks in the neighborhood is to plant a hedge around. Photo: Producer

Here the containers are set in front of an existing wall and fence. This is a simple job for a joiner, a bit more complicated if you want to try it yourself – but no worse than most people do it.

Ask for advice from your local builder.

3. Finished Tripod:

This is an example of a standard, pre-purchased stand without roof. If you want to build such a self, you first create the framework and cover with a regular impregnated plank – such as a decking table.

Hide the bad junk dumps

FANTASTIC: A slightly more sophisticated and slightly more precious construction method for shredding the trash bucket. Photo: Producer

Some tips to choose solution:

1. Adjust the construction to the place it should stand. Use materials and colors already used on your property.

2. Often it may be penest to make the design as simple as possible.

Hide the bad junk dumps

PLANK: An easy way to screen the garbage dumps is to build a fence around a simple, impregnated shelf. Photo: Producer

3. The containers must be on a solid, flat and stable surface. If there is grass where you want to place them, you should cast a plate that the containers can stand on.

4. A fence can get a lot of christmas from the renovation agency’s handling of the containers, the more solid it is, the better it will last.

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