Hexagon tiles are the new hot

Interior trends in the bathroom

Hexagon tiles are the new hot

Hexagon tiles are the new hot

HEXAGON: Hexagonal hexagon tiles in black and white. Photo: Manufacturer.

It’s autumn and time to get into the season’s interior trends. Also in the bathroom.

The bathroom trends have changed in recent years, in line with the manufacturers’ development of tiles.

In a period we would have big tiles in the bathroom, now it’s “law” with both small and very large tiles. As long as there are tiles. For tiles still apply.

– Large-format tiles require a portion, both by the tile and by the area. Therefore, these are most commonly used on the wall. There is still some mosaic in the picture, but here are a lot of hexagon tiles (small hexagonal tiles in retro style) that help make the expression more updated, “says Mia Kjeldstad Hansen, coordinator and interior designer at Intro Interior Design..

Not to mention Moroccan tiles .

– Manufacturers get on, and the color-line selection is just getting bigger and bigger. There will be more of the painted flats in the bathroom, preferably with lime paint or concrete, possibly with bright furpaneel in combination with tiles, illuminates the interior designer.

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Hamam Towels

Hexagon tiles are the new hot

DELICATE: Timeless bathroom with black hexagon tiles from Konradsson. Photo: Manufacturer.

Hamam towels are also a sure winner in the bathroom this fall.

Then there are the colors. For colors is popular, in all rooms. Blue in all shades is an important basic color. We see some purple shades and rusty colors as a warm contrast.

– Perhaps because we Norwegians live so close to nature and bring with us all the seasons? We love blue and green colors, in all shades. Jotun has just launched a new color collection with many amazing blue tones, and these are probably used in many homes in the future, both in kitchen and bathrooms, says Kjeldstad Hansen.

Before you decide, you should check what type of interior you are.

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Splash and well-being

Hexagon tiles are the new hot

HAMAMHANDLE SKULL: Blue and white hammer towel from Cosa. Photo: Manufacturer.

Pernille Kirstine Møller is the trend editor and coordinator of the trend analysis agency Pej Group. She focuses on spa feel, well-being and mindfulness when the bathroom is to be decorated. Here we shall relax and be completely at ease.

– It’s important that the room fits more so it meets the whole family’s needs, says Pernille Kirstine Møller.

The tiles should be patternless and the surfaces should be clean without too much detail.

The colors of the season fall and winter 2015 have a wide variety of bright and shaded shades. The bright colors are a fresh input for the winter season. Completely bright color combinations and surfaces are visualized and create tranquility.

– The inspiration for the season’s colors comes from the urban. Often talk about inspiration from nature, but right now the urban environment is the great source of inspiration, according to the trend editor.

Hexagon tiles are the new hot

GULLSPEIL: Spelling and wellness are important in the bathroom this fall, according to trend editor Pernille Kirstine Møller. This gold mirror from Anouska gives the right mood. Photo: Manufacturer.


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