Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

Here you will want to stay in the bathroom all day.

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

A good bathroom is more than a place where you keep personal hygiene and deliver your own. Many also look at the bathroom as a place of relaxation and pleasure.

In many cases, the need for refurbishment is screaming. Other times, some small pieces may be enough to raise the standard of the bath.

To prevent the dream bath from becoming a wetroom march, it is important to avoid the worst losses people make in the bathroom.

Moist TV room

Many people prefer to have a small radio in the bathroom so you can enjoy the news or listen to music while you’re strolling. In this bathroom residents go one step further. A flat screen is mounted on a swing arm so that residents can watch tv while they are immersed in the bathtub.

Original Bathroom Furniture

A bathroom furniture does not always look like a bathroom furniture. The buyer’s counter from Home & Cottage provides an old-fashioned romantic touch while solving the family’s need for storage of bathroom spoon packages. The top plate is painted eight times to resist water spills.

Extra thin water pipes were added, so that the trays could keep the depth. Due to the sloping roof, there is no room for mounting mirrors over the washbasins, but two small mirrors satisfy the minimum requirement.

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

BATHROOM WITH DOORS: The drawer is from Home & Cottage, the washbasins from Duravit, and the ladder is from. Have it in the bathroom.. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Only round shapes

If the wet norm does not provide enough guidance, you may impose further restrictions by following this Kolbotn family example. Here, by all means, rounds are as far as possible. The project shows that most things are possible if you expand your search to the local bathroom shop on the corner and explore the many products that can be purchased online.

Turkish and Timber

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

BADE-ROM: The Tambo from Inbani cabinets are set in height and illuminate a Roman bath with slim marble-white pillars. The floor tiles are Jasbas mosaic Centino. The washbasins are Inbanis Tambo with suspended underside. The luminaire Istanbul is from Turkish Vitra. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

The contrast between the rough, slanted timber walls and the smooth, white tiles is the maximum. The bath and the foundation wall thus appear as a large bathroom furniture. The luminaire is located along the long side of the bath. Thus, two people can conveniently stay in the tub at the same time.

Bathing in luxury

Some prefer that the bathroom gives a sense of intimacy, and therefore should not be too big. Moreover, it is energy-intensive to keep the comfort temperature in the cold season. However, the place often limits itself.

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

ROUTE AND MODERN: The blue mosaic tiles are extra eye-catching against rough timber walls. Photo: Espen Grønli

This is not the case in this home, where the bath is placed in a room that most would be pleased to be able to use as a living room. Here there are both gas fireplace and sofa, so the room can be used for anything more than just making sure that personal hygiene is alright.

Private pond

The bathroom is big and expensive. The style is a bit unseen. At least, it is not typical of Oppegård. This is due to effects like Italian bathtubs, German fixtures and Danish oak.

But the most luxurious feature is nevertheless Helnorsk. Because of the large window, the mixing forest almost flares into the bathroom.

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

Stylist Maluna Fabrins villa in Denmark, decorated after the feng shui prize Photo: House of Pictures

When the residents want to be in peace of the curious eyes of the deer and squirrels, they press on a remote control, so the window curtains are pulled out of the window.


Old bathrooms are getting less and less often. When Norwegians brush up the bathroom, most people choose to start with blank sheets.

The desire for conservation is not as widespread when it comes to the bathroom. This is why this almost hundred year old bathroom at Skillebekk in Oslo is special.

Here is mostly English and rural as when the room was new. Vaulted ceilings and decorated walls make the room feel like a Romanesque chapel.

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

BATH IN THE SKOG: Floor-standing fixture from Hansgrohe, bathtub from Agape. Project at Momenta Architects. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Bath, sink and toilet are believed to be original.

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

Tiles, vinyl or wet room paint?


Real daylight is both comfortable and effective when the morning is to be carried out.

Thanks to a light hunt, this bath is blessed with natural light from above. At the highest, the ceiling height is 3.3 meters.

The choice of uniform tiles for both floor and wall ensures that daylight shading becomes all the more prominent.

Marker Rough

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

ORIGINAL: In this bath from 1917, time has stood still. The bath is enamelled again, and today it appears as sparkling new. Photo: Espen Grønli

The wall-mounted bathroom fixture runs from wall to wall. A three meter long mirror makes the room even larger than its measured 12 sqm.

To subordinate to the whole, the space-built bath is designed in a similar tight style.

It involves sharp edges and pointed corners, which, admittedly, are more appealing for a design-focused look than for a soft body.

But with foamed hot water and an ergonomic bath pillow in the neck is also the physical well-being within reach.

Bathing in charm

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

ARCHITECTEN’S LIGHT FONTES: The project is by the architects Josefson / Grenan. The Mosaic chips are from Bisazza. Lighting from iGuzzini. Photo: Espen Grønli

The chandelier and the old rococo pillow give a soft and feminine touch to the bathroom, and acts as a counterweight to hard wall and floor tiles. By pulling in any furniture associated with living room, the atmosphere in the bathroom becomes nicer and less clinical.

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

Refurbished bathroom with pure conscience

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Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

TOTAL: The bathroom is consistently tiled with natural stone tiles. The project is by interior designer Siri Syversen. Photo: Annette Steen Nordström Photo: Annette Steen Nordström

Here you will want to spend the day in the bathroom

ROMANTIC INTEREST: The chandelier has been purchased on land romance. no, and is approved for wet room. The chair is a gift and still has its original features. Bathroom furnishings from Ballingsløv, porcelain sinks and luminaire from Axor. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig


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