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Here you will find the student residence

Studying in the fall? Here is the overview of the rental offers.

Here you will find the student residence

Do you want to move away from home, or maybe you have children leaving the resort?

Student attendance often causes relocation.

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Whether the place of study is so far away from the childhood home that one simply can not commute, or the student feels it’s time to stand on his own.

The first home is often also the smallest. A barely student loan that will cater for housing, food, transport, clothes, books, equipment and city life often makes the various budget posts small.

Housing is probably the largest monthly spending item for a student.

But even if it feels expensive, you can still try to stay as cheap as possible.

In this article, we give you tips and advice on how to obtain student hybrids through the Student Assembly or in the private market.

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Private Market and Finn. no

Many bulls to the private market at Finn. no years they will find themselves living for study time.

Find. no is the widest and most well-known offer for those who are looking for housing to rent, but there are also other options. Dorm. no, zett. no and rent-housing. No are other websites where you can find a rental property.

Unginfo can also help you with questions about housing in Oslo.

When you hunt for a bug, make sure the prices are not too high and that the apartment does not have too many errors and needs.

In certain periods, landlords often give a higher rent, since many will rent housing at the same time.

Just before the start of the study is the perfect time for landlords to turn up the price.

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Are you looking for a lower price, it can be smart to expand the horizon to the outskirts of town or outside.

Do not be afraid to settle outside the city. As a rule, it is easy to get into the city by public transport.

Below you will find examples of homes on Finn. No, which can suit students.

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The article continues under the pictures!

student Association

Here you will find the student residence

Many rooms in the living room are around £ 4500, but are you willing to move to the outskirts of the city, there are cheaper alternatives to find. Here is a room at Stovner for rent for 2400 kroner months, where you share kitchen and bathroom. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

Here you will find the student residence

A living community can be a pleasant way to get to know a new place and new people. Are you lucky, the “cohabitants” have lived in the city longer than you and can show you around. Here is a room for rent in a residential community at Fløybanen for NOK 3500 a month. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

Here you will find the student residence

As a student, you do not have much to do economically. The student loan rarely lasts all month, and many choose to take a job next to the studies. Should you study in Trondheim, you can beat two flies in a taste at Trondheim Vandrerhjem. There they offer you a monthly rent of only 600 SEK against working at the reception and washing at the hostel. A fun and alternative way to stay! Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

Is your place of study affiliated with the Student Union?

It can therefore be economical to apply for housing through the Student Assembly in your city.

The housing through Student Association is usually cheaper than the housing for rent on the private market.

According to Studenttorget. No are the cheapest student housing in the largest and the smallest cities. In Bergen, Oslo and Bø you can get a living for around 2,000 kroner a month including electricity, while in medium-sized cities like Fredrikstad and Kongsberg you have to spend about 3500 kroner.

Is it most tempting to live in a community, or do you require some privacy in the form of your own apartment?

Student organizations offer rental homes of different types, whether you want a room in a student city or a four-bedroom apartment with your family.

If you want to apply for housing through the Student Assembly, you will find more wishes about housing.

As a rule, the “first come first served” principle applies, so please do not hesitate to submit your application..

Visit the Student Association website of your student city to see what they have to offer from homes and to apply..

Below is a status update from the three largest student cities in the country; Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

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In excess of 60. 000 students have their place of study in the capital.

40. 000 of these are affiliated with the Student Union in Oslo, SiO.

SiO has around 6000 homes for its students. 4000 of these are apartments, while 2000 are apartments with their own kitchen and bathroom.

The queue of students who have not received a living offer of SiO shrinks. In July, 3600 students waited for housing offers, while the figure is now 3100, SiO announces to Click. no.

So far, the number of waiting lists at SiO does not seem to be as extreme as in 2008, says Tom Olstad, Director of Student Housing in SiO to Click. no.

Student union promises that those who have been furthest in line will be offered first.

Basically, the first come first served principle applies to the Student Union in Oslo. Thus, there is nothing to wonder if you are thinking about applying for housing.

The waiting lists continue to grow up for study start.

Currently there are a total of 3100 students on the waiting list for student housing in Oslo. Hybler is most popular.

2650 of the 3100 are waiting in space, while the remaining are on the waiting list for apartments.

– There are about 50 new applicants every day now, says Olstad, who says that at the start of the study last year about 4200 students were on waiting list.

If you are on the waiting list, you do not have to worry about your head on the day your studies start.

SiO offers students a mattress, blanket and pillow and bedding in Sogn studentby for 50 kroner a night from 10. August and the month.

If you have not yet been granted housing after that period, Olstad advises you to continue the struggle for student residence.

– Do not hesitate and send us an application. As a rule, the situation is improving with us throughout the autumn, “says Tom Olstad.

An application and evidential space on the waiting list lasts 50 days after the requested relocation date.

The prices for student housing through SiO start at NOK 1322 for the smallest and simplest homes, while the largest family apartments end up at NOK 7167.

The size varies from a room of eight square meters to the largest apartment of 74 square meters.

Check here if your place of study is affiliated with SiO

Apply for student residence in Oslo here.


Also in the Student Union in Bergen, SiB, there is currently a blast on allocating students housing for the autumn semester.

The application deadline for the main admission to student housing in Bergen was 1. June. Students who have applied within this deadline may be assigned a residence within 1. August.

Here you will find the student residence

University of Oslo Photo: arkaitz. Zubiaga on Flicker.com. Some rights reserved.

First-year students will not be able to respond to the application from Coordinate Recordings before the 20th. July, and thus has not reached the deadline for the main recording.

But it is not said that they do not get a living room for the autumn semester.

SiB keeps updated lists of students who are still interested in student housing, and allocate housing throughout the autumn.

Sales and marketing consultant Christina Hauge says that there are currently no available student housing through SiB, but there is a high chance that there will eventually be vacant homes.

– Keep in touch with us. In October / November, we probably have room for the vast majority who are still interested, but maybe not at their first choice, she says to Click. no.

Like Trondheim, Bergen also has a scheme for those students who have not been awarded a student residence and who need accommodation.

From 3. to 31. In August you can sleep on the mattress in the dormitory for 200 kroner for the whole period.

Student union states that they currently have about. 1027 students on the waiting list for the 3250 student housing SiB has. This is a slight increase since July, when 1000 applicants were waiting for a housing offer.

Promise you a place to sleep

– Students who have not been offered housing can sleep on a mattress at Fantoft. Then they must have applied for a residence with us, and take care of housing offerings if it comes, says information boss in SiB, Marita Monsen to Click. no.

Last year, only seven people took advantage of the accommodation offer last August.

In Bergen there are 25. 000 students associated with SiB.

See if your study location is affiliated with Student Assembly in Bergen here.

The prices for SiB student rentals range between 1440 kroner for the smallest and easiest, and up to 6725 kroner for the larger and newer apartments. Prices are without power.

The size of student housing for SiB varies from rooms of seven square meters, to family houses of 69 square meters.

Search for student housing in Bergen here.


Student union in Trondheim, SiT, is currently in the process of awarding student housing to lucky students.

Housing Manager Synnøve Våbenø says that the waiting list is now long for students living in Trondheim.

– 3300 is now on the waiting list, and many will not get any offers. We prioritize the international students and there are around 440 of them, “said Våbenø.

Here you will find the student residence

University of Bergen Photo: Wikipedia. Some rights reserved.

She says that students should plan on staying longer out of Trondheim, to Ranheim and Heimdal to get a place to stay.

Via SiT, it is the “first come to moth” principle that applies when it is awarded student housing.

Students can apply for a student residence already in December of the year before, and will then answer the application in March. This is most relevant for students who want to extend their lease with SiT since Coordinate admission does not provide answers to their study application before 20. July.

Have you taken the opportunity to enter a study in Trondheim and sign a contract for student residence, but you will be denied through the Coordinate admission on 20. July? Do you quit your student residence within 21. July you do not pay any rent.

The prices for student housing in Trondheim range from NOK 1800 and up to NOK 7770.

The price depends entirely on whether you want a small room of 9 square meters on the outskirts of the city or a 58 square meter, newly renovated penthouse apartment in the city center with a view.

If you have not gotten a home before starting a study, there is no reason for panic.

In cooperation with the municipality of Trondheim and educational institutions, SiT has initiated the scheme “Roof over the head”.

Students who have applied for a residence through SiT and have not assigned anyone can sleep in a bunk bed in the dormitory from mid August to September.

The scheme is now expanded, so that more students will be offered one bed.

SiT can offer 3330 of its 30. 000 students living room.

In Trondheim, around 13 percent of city students live in homes through SiT. See if your place of study is affiliated with SiT here.

Search student housing in Trondheim here.

Tips for those who are moving to Trondheim can be found here.

Here you will find the student residence

NTNU in Trondheim Photo: Eirikref on Flicker.com. Some rights reserved.


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