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Here you will find the cottage-fin

See the list of the most exclusive cottage areas.

Here you will find the cottage-fin

Here you will find the cottage-fin

Here is a list of Norway’s most exclusive zip codes

Here you will find the cottage-fin

The cabin flow to less than 1.5 million

Here you will find the cottage-fin

35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

Here you will find the cottage-fin

This is a kitchen for less than $ 9,000

Figures from the Association of Real Estate Enterprises (Eff) show that cottage prices rise at record speed. In particular, this cottage is by the sea.

Cabin prices rose by 18 per cent from last year.

It is therefore not only homes in Oslo with exclusive addresses that have a formidable average price.

Click. no got FINN. no to draw up a list of the ten most expensive zip codes in cabin Norway to illustrate the extreme price development.







9.5 mill. million

1,367 / BÆRUM


8.2 mill. million



8.0 mill. million



7.6 mill. million

3145 / TJØME


5.6 mill. million



5.3 mill. million

1,450 / NESODDEN


5.2 mill. million



5, 2 mill. million



5.2 mill. million

1,692 / HVALER


5.0 mill. million

Source: FINN. Displays the postal numbers with the highest prices for holiday homes so far this year. Based on published ads. A minimum of 10 published ads has been set.

High average price

In the overview, municipalities dominate Eastern Norway and Southern Norway. In addition to geographical location relative to the towns, it is close to the sea and shoreline that affect the price of the objects most.

In 2011, it is being traded in a market with significant price growth, the report shows by the market for holiday homes that the Real Estate Agency’s Association (Eff) has been prepared by TNS Gallup.

The cabin market by the sea does not appear to be affected notably by turmoil in the international economy.

– The sharp rise in prices shows that the future security and its own finances are back in full after the financial crisis, and the purchasing power in Norway is very good, said Leif J. The Launch of Real Estate Companies Association (Eff) when the report came earlier this year.

Million Cabins for sale

Real Estate Agent Martin Ingvaldsen in DnB NOR Eiendom currently has a holiday home for sale at Torød with a price of NOK 6.5 million. The zip code is 3135 and tops the exclusive cab list.

Property has sea views towards Mågerøflaket, Årøysund and the entrance to the Vrengensundet. Obviously also a deep water breeze so that large sailboats have the opportunity to land.

– Ingvaldsen says that it is first and foremost the wonderful archipelago that draws buyers to Torød. The view is spectacular.

Here you will find the cottage-fin

MILLION VIEWS: The picture shows the view of popular Torød and a holiday home now available for sale. Price benefit is NOK 6.5 million. The cottage has a primary room of 108 sqm. Plot 2 366 sqm. Photo: DnB NOR Property

– We also have this with the residence permit. There are many municipalities that have just that, but not here in Nøtterøy municipality. It probably makes Torød high on the list. Thus, seaside homes are largely sold as cabins, he says.

Residence requirements problem

Christian Vammervold Dreyer, leader of the Norwegian Federation of Immigrants (NEF), acknowledges that it is difficult for most people to get a cabin by the sea.

– Obviously, how close you are to the sea, but the more expensive. Such is the market and it seems almost unthinkable to many politicians to build more in the coastal zone.

– Perhaps it is allowed to hope that the residence will disappear. That would have given a much bigger cabin market, “concludes Dreyer.

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