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Here you will find the architects in Oslo – Part 2

Bonytt has collected his favorite architects in Oslo. Here you get a selection.

Here you will find the architects in Oslo - Part 2

These architects are good at private projects such as extras, cabins and houses.

All are presented with text and images, making it easy to find one that suits you and the home you want.

The architects underneath everyone in the Oslo area.

Brit Sejersted Bødtker

– My architectural practice has small houses and habitation as a focus area: building, building or new building.

Emphasizes flexibility in finding the best architectural solution for the individual plot, situation, and individual builder.

Projects with 3D data tools, for better visualization of the projects.

Stresses simple clean architectural features: in floor planes, in designing volumes, in adaptation to terrain, in the use of light, materials and colors.

Strives to loose the project as painless as possible through municipal affairs, and ensures that laws and regulations have been taken into account.

Here you will find the architects in Oslo - Part 2

Always lose the projects completely in goal, until completion.

Honors: Generally offers price quotes with stipulated hourly usage based on experience figures, some offers also with upper ceilings. Bill for past time within this.

The offer is specific to each project, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Central approval: Class 3.

Office: Brit Sejersted Bødtker Civil Architect mnna npa, Drammensveien 126A, 0277 OSLO. Phone. : 22 44 68 12.

Fax: 24 11 95 80. Mob: 901 90 064. Email: [email protected]. Website: www. britbodtker. no

Derlick Architects

– Our architecture is based on the nature and the nature of the place, the nature of the task, our vision and the needs of the respondents. From this basis, a concept is formed in which form language, function, space experiences and material use are made clear to the customer. Each house is unique and deserves a unique solution.

We aim for environmental focus and long-term planning throughout the project.

Honors by agreement.

Office: Derlick Arkitekter AS, Hausmannsgate 16.0182 Oslo, tel: 23 32 72 70, email: Company Mail @derlick. no. website: www. Derlick. no

Anne Ebbing

– The projects mainly consist of remodeling, extension and development of ceilings and basements, often in preserved buildings. Problems are many: How can the housing be utilized better and what can an expansion / rebuilding provide of additional qualities?

Here you will find the architects in Oslo - Part 2

Which needs and wishes are the most important? What is possible within given physical, economic and antiquarian frameworks?

Here you will find the architects in Oslo - Part 2

Small grips and details are important in tight frame conditions. The accommodation should be a practical facility that works well in everyday life and at the same time a place with distinctive qualities adapted to residents.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Kr 50,000-120,000 even frame permissions depending on complexity and size. Hourly rate NOK 630.

Contact Info: Office in Uranienborg Terrace 13 b, 0351 Oslo, Tel: 22564246, Fax: 22 56 41 45, Mobile: 92 03 93 28, Email: [email protected]

Lars Lantto

– The nature and the client’s needs and wishes are the basis for planning a new house. A good start-up of the process is important. Here fundamental choices are made that are of crucial importance. The house will reinforce the qualities of the plot and exploit its possibilities.

The house should be fitted in relation to terrain and surroundings. Good dialogue between the architect and the client throughout the process is crucial for a good result. Good dialogue with performing craftsmen is equally important. Here it is necessary to find skilled and reliable business partners. Emphasis is placed on deliberate use of materials, good details and the relationship between space and daylight in the home. The house should be robust and functional, combined with spatial qualities. “

Chalets, cottages, additions / rebuilding, larger housing projects.

Here you will find the architects in Oslo - Part 2

Honors (ex. VAT): Kr 60 – 120. 000 even frame permits. Kr 15 – 20. 000 for non-binding sketch. Hourly rate NOK 850. Usually a fixed price agreement that includes all the necessary architectural benefits right up to the finished house.

Office: ASKIM / LANTTO Architects, St Olavs gt 3, 0165 Oslo, Tel: 23 68 11 12, Mobile: 918 64 939, Email: [email protected]

Harald B. Lode

– In the meeting between the land’s character and the needs of the builder, an idea develops that gives the individual project a distinctive character. The outer spaces we see as part of the housing’s space course. We have an open and exploratory attitude towards living and material use. We want to build homes that are beautiful, functional and flexible; they should be able to change with the lives of residents and various forms of family life.

We work with a wide range of traditional and new building materials and building techniques, based on the quality and the possibilities of materials, and in cooperation with craftsmen. We always seek new and better solutions for the environment and energy economy in the projects.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Approx. four percent of construction costs through frame permit. Hourly rate NOK 750-800.

Office Address: LY Architects, Employee Space 1, 0181 Oslo, tf. 22 11 22 11, fax 22 11 22 99, e-mail: [email protected], website: www. lyarkitekter. no

Here you will find the architects in Oslo - Part 2

Knut Longva

– All construction tasks are unique. We therefore always seek a comprehensive solution that best meets the specific needs of each project. The focus will be on functionality, good rooms, lighting conditions, views, good outdoor areas and solutions where one gets the most out of the budget. We can assist in all phases, from construction programs to follow-up at construction site.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Depending on the project, approximately. 50. 000 – 100. 000 even frame permits. We have central approval.

Office: Longva Architects AS, pb. 5939 Majorstua, 0308 Oslo. Phone. : 23 20 57 90, fax: 23 20 57 91, nNetside: www. Longva Architects. no, e-mail: [email protected]

Bodil Reinhardsen

– I try to create functional rooms where the features of the construction and materials give the rooms and houses a meaningful simplicity. “

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Hourly rate $ 700.

Office: Bobil Reinhardsen siv. sheet. mnal, Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo. Phone. : 22 11 37 00 Mob. : 918 66 929. E-mail: [email protected], website: www. Reinhardsen. no

Margrethe Rosenlund

– I base on the specific task and seek to find the best answer on this in close cooperation with the client and the craftsmen. Each project thus receives its own response, marked by the contributors, of the site and of the assignment formulation. In this work, factors such as flexibility in shifting phases, sustainable material use, financial frameworks and sensible planning are important elements as well as the overall goal: creating good and beautiful rooms.

Here you will find the architects in Oslo - Part 2

The projects range from furniture and detailed furnishings to cabins and chalets. I have worked a lot with loft apartments, and with existing building materials that are being rebuilt and given new features, both for private actors and for business.

Honors: Varies with the task, clarified by appointment. Central approval.

Office: MORFEUS Architects AS, Louise GT 21, 0169 Oslo, Tf. : 924 86 300, mobile: 97 70 80 16, email: [email protected], website: www. Morfeus. no

Kim Skaara

– We are concerned with timely and environmentally conscious architecture. Good houses should reflect the needs of the user and the nature of the property. We always make a careful assessment of the area’s potential and limitations before we get started. No houses are alike, all situations are unique..

Here you will find the architects in Oslo - Part 2

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Sketch of project $ 50,000-65,000, framework application $ 85,000-120,000. Hourly rate NOK 825.

Here you will find the architects in Oslo - Part 2

Office: Skaara Architects A / S, Drammensveien 130c (enter. Verkstedvn. ), 0277 Oslo. Phone. : 22 12 50 60/22 12 50 63 Fax: 22 12 50 61, Mob: 920 16 230. Email: [email protected]. Website: www. Skaara. no

Here you will find the architects in Oslo - Part 2


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