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Here you will find architects in Oslo

Bonytt has collected his favorite architects in Oslo. Here you get a selection.

Here you will find architects in Oslo

These architects can refer to several good private projects such as extras, cabins and houses.

All are presented with text and images, making it easy to find one that suits you and the home you want.

The architects underneath everyone in the Oslo area.

Morfeus Architects

Consists of Caroline Støvring, Cecilie Wille and Margrethe Rosenlund.

– It is interesting, challenging and fun to work against private clients. They are at least as engaging as we are in getting a good project. Working with private homes and homes is absolutely fundamental in the architecture, and something we always want to work with.

Morfeus has experience with housing in the form of cottages, cottages, detached houses, townhouses, annexes, apartment buildings, and additions / remodeling.

The projects seek to integrate the essentials into each issue and create a unified whole based on the client’s wishes and local qualities.

Good cooperation with clients and craftsmen throughout the process is crucial for achieving a good result. Central themes are flexibility and adaptation to different life stages, varied spatial qualities, conscious location relative to terrain, integration of vegetation, sun and views, and use of healthy and durable materials, “said Caroline Støvring on behalf of Morfeus.

Architect and partner Cecilie Wille complements:

Here you will find architects in Oslo

ACCOMMODATION: Villa with modern extras by Morfeus Architects Photo: Morfeus

– We have extensive experience in designing and listing both homes and holiday homes. Our projects are often on challenging and special plots that all require tailoring. Key themes in all our work are flexibility and adaptation to different life stages, varied spatial qualities, conscious location in relation to terrain, integration of vegetation, sun and views, and the use of healthy and durable materials. Our projects always take the starting point of the client’s wishes and needs while taking into account the inherent qualities of tomta as well..

Good collaboration between the architect and the principal is crucial. Furthermore, we assume good cooperation with craftsmen throughout the entire construction process. This is essential for a good result.

Honors: Varies with the task. Honors are settled by agreement. Central approval.

Office: Morfeus Architects AS, Bjerregaards gate 12, 0172 Oslo, mob: 41 50 02 03/92 48 63 00

Bjørn Erik Tandberg

Here you will find architects in Oslo

HOUSE: The Tjøme cottage is designed by Morfeus Architects Photo: Morfeus

– We try to shape the opportunities of the site situation and the customer’s wishes.

Here you will find architects in Oslo

We also emphasize living space and suitable room solutions, customized user needs and a modern living standard.

Idea and grip are sought clarified early in the process of controlling form and building economy.

The office has an experimental attitude towards material use and choice of construction, draws all types of housing and can control or assist economics and process from sketch to key in the door.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): We give full price to all or part of the design. Hourly rate: Junior architect kr 450, senior architect kr 720.

Office: Tandberg Architects MNAL, Maridalsv. 3, 0178 Oslo, tel 22 36 11 84, mobile: 97 13 40 93, e-mail: [email protected], website: www. tandberg Architects. no.

Ulf Teigen

Collaborates with siv. architects Xavier Valverde and Lasse Altern Halvorsen. Previously operated own construction company for many years.

– One of the most exciting in a construction process is to take ideas, thoughts, wishes and needs from the client who then processes and adjusts so that they can become a reality. Getting the client excited is the best start of a good cooperation. Key words for us are roomy, light and visual surprises.

Here you will find architects in Oslo

We work with everything from kindergartens, attic, extras, rehabilitation, new buildings and cabins to shopping malls. We have all the necessary key approvals and can take projects from A to Z.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): The customer can get fixed prices with cost summary divided into phases up to frame permissions. Hourly rate NOK 750. Central approval.

Office: Teigen architects as, Inkognitogaten 12, 0258 Oslo, tf / fax 22 43 82 60, mob: 90 06 94 23, email: [email protected], website: www. vtarkitekter. no

Ingrid E. Gjørven Ulving

– It is about designing homes that are good to live in for the users, and to place the shape. Furthermore, helping the client with choice all the way in the process, p. a. with materials that make houses “healthy” and energy-saving. I draw houses that are constructively simple, but spend a lot of time in shape and in proportioning both facades and rooms.

This implies good communication with the client. Landscape and terrain adaptations are important for good connections between indoor and outdoor areas, and not least to save construction costs.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): From $ 75,000 – 150,000 through frame allowance. Hourly rate NOK 780 excl VAT.

Here you will find architects in Oslo

Office: Architects Office Ingrid Ulving Gjørven as. Architect mnna npa Interior architect mnil. Nye Vakåsvei 80, 1395 Hvalstad. Phone. : 66 84 84 67 Mob. : 92 65 72 44 Fax: 66 90 41 71, E-mail: [email protected]

Per Joar Østhus

– To create good architecture it is important with a strong idea that can withstand being processed through a process. In my residential architecture, I emphasize exciting light emitting to experience the day and year variations,

and that floor planes and facades should form good meetings between inside and out.

In order to achieve the sense of quality, it is crucial with details and material choices that build on the main idea.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Hourly rate $ 800. Housing projects at fixed price by agreement.

Office: Civil Architect MNAL Per Joar Østhus, Maridalsveien 3 Building 17, 0178 Oslo, Mobile: 934 60 341.

Here you will find architects in Oslo


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