Here you have the dream house

Casa Spodsbjerg at Langeland is two super-delicious boxes stacked on each other.

Here you have the dream house

The modern 240 sqm mansion with the extremely clean lines is on the plot of an old house.

The property slopes down towards the stretcher and borders an idyllic bay and with Storebelt and the busy boat traffic right in front.

– This project is an international class architecture, writes the website of today’s design. About the holiday home in Denmark.

The house in division with Wallpapers favorite house just outside Oslo and the Finnish architect’s own, cross-shaped housing without inland water and electricity.

Two house bodies in interaction

The residence on Langeland, an idyllic little island just south of Funen, is uncompromisingly built up of two main building bodies that hang together elegantly.

They will cover the vacation needs of a family with adults, children and grandchildren.

Here you have the dream house

KULE KASSER VENDER TO HORIZON: Villa Spodsbjerg at Langeland was designed by Arkitema in Aarhus. From most of the rooms and the two terraces, the owners can see some of the busy boat and ferry traffic between Denmark, Sweden and Germany.. Photo: Jesper Ray

Here you have the dream house

A HOUSE IN SPECIAL CLASS: Living rooms and other living areas are located on top of the high concrete slab. The entire front of the house opens to the sea. Photo: Jesper Ray

Here you have the dream house

SMART SOLUTION: High, narrow windows provide light into the rooms – but not external view. Photo: Jesper Ray

The architects behind the project, Arkitema in Aarhus, found inspiration and ideas for this design concept, among other things, in the old 20th century building on the site. So here is a clear connection between before and after.

Here you have the dream house

HOW TO EXPERIENCE THE SEA: The terrace gives an extreme sense of freedom. Photo: Jesper Ray

Here you have the dream house

The ancient farm is like an adventure

– The building consists of two parallel and mutually displaced building bodies. These include communal and living rooms, sleeping and bathrooms, explains architect Niels Christoffersen in Arkitema.

– The living room is the house’s superb center. The room has a violent ceilings and the room has magnificent views of the shoreline, the horizon and the sea, expands the architect. – This is the perfect gathering place for the whole family during the weekend, the owners recently stated in Norwegian Elle Decoration.

Clean-cut villa of wood and concrete

Here you have the dream house

A VISY HOUSE: The large opening on the terrace hits the sea view. Photo: Jesper Ray

Here you have the dream house

A COMPLETE STYKKE DENMARK: From the combined living and kitchen room you have huge views of the beach and the sea. Photo: Jesper Ray

The house is built straight into the cliff and stands on a high concrete plinth. It contains basement, garage, spa and a basement overlooking the sea.

Here you have the dream house

A DREAM HOUSE: There is sea view, also from the bathroom. Photo: Jesper Ray

Here you have the dream house

The entire family lives on 11 square meters

The overhang that extends over the foundation wall is made of concrete, while the exterior walls are in darkness furutre.

The way the house is designed and the very few material types that are used will help the house to melt into the environment. Now it is here as an architectural gem surrounded by beach, reeds and stone.

A variety of rooms

On the ground floor is the living room and kitchen in one. This is an impressive main room – not least for a holiday home to be. Great is also the roof height, which is a total of 4.3 meters. In the extension of this room is the master bedroom, bathroom and two offices.

The house has terraces both east and west.

The way the interior is built and the materials used are in line with the house’s clean-cut, uncompromising architecture.

The floors are covered with extra wide Dinesen floorboards, sanded concrete and tiles.

Satisfied Owner

– One of the things I’m most pleased with is the architectural expression the house has. It’s strong, not least when I get home after traveling for a while, says the owner of Elle Decoration. – Beyond that, it’s an exceptionally functional house. Everything is easy and it makes it very comfortable to stay here.

Here you have the dream house

REN LUKUS: Several of the floors in Villa Spodsbjerg are plated with up to 5 meter long planks of douglasgran. They are from Dinesen and are 35 cm wide and 3.5 cm thick. They are treated with lye and white soap. Photo: Jesper Ray

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Here you have the dream house

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Here you have the dream house

MATERIALS AS FOOD: The way the stairway is built is also a study worth. Photo: Jesper Ray

Here you have the dream house

Main floor. Casa Spodsbjerg Arkitema Photo: Drawing: Arkitema

Here you have the dream house

Underetasje. Casa Spodsbjerg Arkitema Photo: Drawing: Arkitema

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Here you have the dream house

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