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Here you get cheap art for the wall

We guide you to online shops with cool wall art.

Here you get cheap art for the wall

If the big wall behind the couch becomes empty, you do not have to blow yourself to find wall art.

Of course, the cheapest is to make something for yourself. If you do not have paint or drawing talent, you can use your own photographs.


Own Photos

As a matter of fact, all photo providers offer blowing up images on canvas or as a poster. You can also get your own photo as wallpaper.

Prices vary – image as poster, in standard poster size (50 x 70), costs $ 119 at the photo knot, in the size of 50 x 75 costs posters $ 99 at Japan Photo.

At the copy centers, it is more expensive to make a single poster.

Copy Cat Skøyen pays for startup (NOK 150) and the poster of 50 x 70 costs 250 kroner extra.

Here you get cheap art for the wall

Photo: Gallery Angelshaug

Here you get cheap art for the wall

Photo: GaulArt

Allkopi also takes 400 kroner for a simple poster on glossy paper.

However, if you want to make multiple posters or mount the photo on an aluminum or cardboard board, they may be competitive, so pay a ringing round before ordering.

The quality of the poster and the reproduction of the subject can of course vary a lot, so it also plays in the decision.

If you want a canvas image, you should check the prices and read tests by different suppliers.

Art to all

If you want to buy someone else’s work, there are many pictures that do not cost more than a thousand dollars.

There are many who offer image products in the layer between Ikea and classic galleries.

We have made a selection of art that is sold online and that anyone can afford.

Anne Angelhaug has the online gallery Gallery Angelshaug. She is an educated illustrator in England. Her photos cost from 500 to 5000 kroner.

GaulArt sells images that have nature as a subject. The humor of the artist Henrik S Hallaren is evident in the pictures. He also has a gallery at Singsås in Sør-Trøndelag.

Poppy design has fun illustrations in large and small formats. Animals and nature motifs in collages and painted images in naive style.

The Norwegian company Scandinavian Surface creates small wall decorations they call mini pieces, which can be hung in separate combinations on the wall.

Here you get cheap art for the wall

Photo: GaulArt

Kari Anne Marstein who has the online gallery Spagaten takes pictures of toys and blows them up on canvas. Playnmo on the wall, 30 x 40, costs 500 kroner.

Here you get cheap art for the wall

Photo: Spagats

Roisart creates abstract acrylic paintings in beige and gray tones.

Happy Home Wall has print in combination photo / collage. The motives are modern and urban.

On Allposters, they sell posters and print in many categories. You can also get the image framed before it is sent to you.

Fine Art Online Gallery has art in all price ranges.

Gold Artwork / Nettgalleri. no has over 1000 images of more than 80 artists.

Here you get cheap art for the wall

URBAN STIL: London Music names this picture, which costs 2800 kroner. Photo: Happy Home Wall

Swedish Wonderwall sells art from all over the world, printed in limited edition. Photo, graphics, drawing and print.

Here you get cheap art for the wall

Photo: Allposters

At the auction site qxl you can buy art. Here you will find new and old about each other.

It’s an advantage if you have a certain opinion of what you buy, otherwise it may be difficult to assess what the image is worth.

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Here you get cheap art for the wall

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