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Here you get a propane for half price

In the past, you had to pay almost 400 dollars for a propane bottle, now you get away with half.

Here you get a propane for half price

Here you get a cheap cottage prop

LPG Norway


Use of propane gas

  1. Simple gas installations can be done by yourself, but be sure to have sufficient knowledge to complete such installation.
  2. Up to two bottles of up to 11 kilos each may be stored indoors. In case of larger quantities than this, the local fire service should be sought for a storage permit. Indoors, the gas bottles must be stored on a stable surface in an airy cabinet. Outdoors, the closet must also be of non-combustible material. There must be good distance to ignition sources, and the bottles should not be exposed to heat.
  3. All equipment intended for gas must be CE marked and have user and maintenance instructions in Norwegian. Equipment intended for outdoor use must not be used inside.
  4. Devices that are not in use must be closed.
  5. Once every year, all hoses and couplings should be carefully checked. Bend the hose and look for cracks. Also check the leakage links.
  6. If you notice a defect in the bottle or equipment, shut down all valves and contact professionals. Do not use the equipment until any errors have been corrected.
  7. In case of gas fumes or other indications of leakage: Close the valves and remove the regulator, air thoroughly by opening windows and doors, stop using open fire and electrical appliances.
  8. In case of discomfort due to incomplete combustion (carbon dioxide emissions): Close the valves, air out the room and inspect the fresh air, consult a physician, claim professionals.
  9. In case of severe leakage and fire: Try to close the valves, make sure that all persons are safe from the fire place, call the fire service emergency number 110, do not attempt to extinguish the fire itself.

Source: Directorate for Social Security and Preparedness

Earlier it costed 400 kroner for a 11 kg propane bottle for the cottage.

However, in the last few years, several players have come to the field, and it has contributed to the price of filling up its empty bottle down to under 200 kroner.

LPG Norway and RPT Gas are the two largest players in the market. In total, these two have close to 150 dealerships across the country.

– You will still find that some gas stations take well over 300 kroner for a replacement bottle. But where we and other players are present in the market, they have had to lower prices, “says Arild Klingsheim, RPT Gass.

He explains that in addition to the stations they have in their station overview, they also have filling points in Vestfold, Østfold, Akershus and Telemark. Information about these can be found by contacting RPT.

– We have 40 stations spread throughout the country, says chairman of LPG Norway, Change Vårviken, who would like more dealers.

– We experience that where we go in, we quickly get a good customer base. And in general, we are experiencing an increase in demand.

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Filling All Bottles

Both LPG Norway and RPT Gass offer filling of gas cylinders independently of the bottle label. In other words, you can come with a Statoil bottle and get it filled on a LPG Norway station and an RPT station. The disadvantage is that if you come with a bottle that has expired on date, it can not be filled but must be forwarded to the original supplier.

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