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Here you get a cottage for 400,000

Four hours from the national border you get a red, Swedish “cottage” for the same price as a little expensive passenger car.

Here you get a cottage for 400,000

In Halland County in Sweden, cottage prices have fallen 16 percent over the past year, according to

The financial crisis has hit harder in Sweden than in Norway, and Johan Vesterberg, Press Officer at Mäklarstatistik, believes that this has particularly exceeded the prices in the Swedish holiday home market. Some Norwegian cottage buyers with not too far distance to the Swedish border can enjoy.

Small business to 900,000

The cheapest cottages now go for a few hundred hundreds of thousands, while you can get a complete refurbished small farm to 900,000 Norwegian kroner.

About Asige-Hult 203 at Falkenberg is in the advertisement at

“Nice small farmhouse with a rural location, modern renovated residence and large well-planned economy buildings that contain uninstalled stables, workshop, boiler room, loft and living space.”

A complete small farm, in other words, refurbished as a holiday home.

Save 250,000

According to, an average Swedish cottage costs just over one million Norwegian kroner, while the price of Norwegian cottages is 1.25 million in average. You can thus save on average NOK 250,000 if you prefer an idyllic Swedish village rather than the Norwegian mountain farm or archipelago.

Eva Mohr in Dansk Ejendoms Consult, one of the brokerage houses selling holiday homes in Sweden, states that more Norwegians have bought a cottage through them.

– Not long ago, we sold a holiday home at Åmål-trakten in Väster Götaland, to customers from Fredrikstad. The sale price was NOK 733,000. We also had a request from another Norwegian customer from Oslo on this property. We have had a lot of inquiries from customers from Fredrikstad, but also from Holmestrand, Larvik and Drammen areas, Mohr explains.

Many Norwegians seek shelter as far south as in Skåne.

– Recently, we received a request from a customer in Bremanger, Western Norway, regarding a forest property in the Mora districts of Dalarna, “says Mohr.

Here you get a cottage for 400,000

This cottage in Pershult, Våxtorp, is sold for over 400,000 Norwegian kroner. Photo: Danfors Real Estate Agency

Pershult 210 in Våxtorp is sold for 495,000 Swedish kroner, or more than 400,000 Norwegian kroner, at the current exchange rate.

In the advertisement we can read that this must be “a really nice holiday home in a torpedo style with a beautifully landscaped garden in old-fashioned style. Snickarboa and weave / guest cottage. Good standard on kitchen, bath and water and sewage. »

The red cottage is four hours from the Norwegian border, has three rooms, a living area of ​​66 square meters and is situated on a 1.3 meter large plot of land. Or “garden space” as they call it in Sweden. Sounds tempting, right?

Frøslida in Torup is another village hut.

Here you get a cottage for 400,000

This cottage in Frøslida in Torup is 140 square meters, has five rooms and is sold for a million. Photo: Dansk Ejendoms Consult

Here the living space is 140 square meters, divided into five rooms. The house is refurbished and modern, with washer and dryer. The building is from 1910, but was renovated in 1998 and the bathroom is from 2008. The plot is almost 3.3 meters and it is 50 meters to the nearest bathing place. The cottage is located in hilly terrain, according to the sales ad, well suited for nature activities.

Price? In excess of one million Norwegian kroner.

More holiday homes in Halland County can be found on (Choose County: Hallands and Select Type: Holiday Home)

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