Here you can sit both summer and winter

Christmas atmosphere in the orangery

Here you can sit both summer and winter

Here you can sit both summer and winter

SPRUDLENDE: It is covered by a company with Christmas tea and accompanying good drinks. Here it will abound of both candles and flowers. Photo: Espen Grønli

Siri Eriksson is the general manager of Verket Interiør and has long days, close program and large family. Therefore, a greenhouse greenhouse was not applicable. But a room with a view, an open-air place of residence with space for both lemon trees, time of day and social gatherings – an orangery – was in the midst of the flash.

In an orangery, there is joy to find in all seasons.

Cool days are no obstacles, a wood stove provides for the heat when the sun is out. No matter how late she gets home from work, Eriksson can still enjoy nature in the garden.

Cozy regardless of weather

In the summer months, the weather does not matter at all. In October it’s great to sit there and see the leaves of the autumn leaves in the wind while it’s cracking in the birch wood from the furnace. In December the gaze rests on the sluggish fall of the snowflakes against the ground, or a sparkling starry sky.

In the orangery it is covered by a company with Christmas tea and a good drink.

The decor is simple: Sofa, coffee table and deep wicker chairs, thick blankets and colorful blankets everywhere. In the middle of the room is a round table with rustic table top.

It is shining from crystal glass and bubbly champagne, the incense is hot and served with sweet Italian biscuits.

Here you can sit both summer and winter

VARM OASE: Left: Orangeriet has cast concrete floor covered with thick carpets. The rustic dining table forms an inviting centerpiece and is from Dutch Hoffz, bought on Object. The wood burning stove is from Danish Morsø. Right: A flaming bonfire and lanterns on the outside top the atmosphere. A lion in terracotta dwarfs on the floor and looks lazy in the air – happy to be inside. Photo: Espen Grønli

closer to nature

Fish, cheese and sausage, wreaths and lightning candles and a flaming bonfire on the outside of the bonnet tops the atmosphere.

On one side there is a workbench with pottery, moss and white hyacinth.

– We use the house throughout the year minus January and February. The days have grown longer and nature has come closer, thanks to a glasshouse in the garden. Can be highly recommended, says Eriksson to the magazine Maison Interiør.

Here you can sit both summer and winter

VINTERHAGE: Left: The apple tree has kept houses here since early spring but has to go into January and February. Right: Leek birds from Witchford Pottery looking for seed in frozen soil is a fine still life Photo: Espen Grønli

This is an orbit

  • Do you only want to extend the season for growing vegetables is a greenhouse thing, you do not need to cushion the floor or insulate too much. But if you dream of a place where you can stay alive all year long and grow exotic flowers and trees, you should choose an orangery.
  • Clean space in the garden, pour a concrete substrate and mount a room with a view to all sides. It is also possible to mount a wood-burning stove.
  • Roof hatches that can be opened and supply air are important.
  • Siris Orangery is called Helios Antique and has sliding doors, skylights, slate windows, and safety glass, pavilions. no.
  • See also green focus. no and gardener technology. no.

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Here you can sit both summer and winter

Christmas in the glasshouse: Guests will be visiting a visit. The orangery is decorated with wreaths and candles. On the table are tapas, champagne and gløgg. It smells of birch wood and spices. The sofa is filled with soft blanket and sheepskin. Here it is good to be. Photo: Espen Grønli


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