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Here we shop in recession

In times of decline, the designer sofa must wait, but small innovations can be made cheap.

Here we shop in recession

Here we shop in recession

New walls without painting everything

Here we shop in recession

Where do we do the TV?

Financial turmoil and uncertain economic times despite. We can still treat ourselves to new pillows on the couch, just they do not cost a bottle.

It also shows the numbers from the cheap chains. People still make money in stores that offer furniture and interior items for average wallets.

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– It’s crowded with us and we see many refurbished people in the warehouses, “says communications adviser Charles Michaelsen at Ikea in a press release.

In ten years, Ikea’s revenue has increased from 6.3 billion euros in 1998 to a staggering 21.2 billion euros in 2008. Over the past four years, growth has been steady.

Selects the cheap

Michaelsen does not dare to predict too much about what the future will look like at the department store, but past experience indicates that there is not much to worry about: When the economy tightens, we cut out the luxury, but not the cheap goods.

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The director of the Møbelringen store at Alna in Oslo, Laurentio Buzatu, is optimistic about the sale before Christmas.

– Yes, certainly, assuming most of the bad news has now come out and that the measures proposed are being launched, Buzatu says.

He believes the shops that have only had winds in the sails during the boom are the ones who are struggling now.

– The serious ones who are sober, who think about both winds and headwinds – and who are turning smoothly – will manage, Buzatu believes.

The leader has noticed that sales have fallen back this fall, but now the trade is on its way back.

Buzatu seems a somewhat more subdued purchasing power as we see now is healthy.

In fact, I’m looking forward to waking up and not just spending the money, “Buzatu said.

– Tougher times

CEO Nils Sund in the furniture ring Skeidar says that they notice the financial crisis.

– It is noteworthy that the positive trend in commodity trade has stopped this fall. Our industry experiences more tough times than most years ago, says Sund.

Here you can shop cheaply

In addition to the major Norwegian chains, there are several places you can shop for interior items without blurring you:

Granite has plenty of storage for storage.

At you will find what not everyone else has.

Jysk and Kid are two “cheap chains” which are underestimated and have been renewed in recent years. Textiles and pillows are some of the things you’ll find here.

Indian has original, trendy products with colors.

Åhlens, our Swedish chain, has both textiles, lighting, kitchenware and crockery, with a Scandinavian feel.

On, you’ll find things you did not think you needed.

Hansen & Dysvig is best on affordable textiles.

Ellos has a lot of interior accessories.

Biltema is also a find for cheap home and home products.

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