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“Here we have the sun until it goes down”

how to buy a cabin

Do you walk with a cabin dream in your stomach?

Then autumn can be a good time to turn on. One tip is to consult the real estate agent if there are any overlays from last season. Maybe you can make a bargain?

A survey from 2014 showed that there were mountain cabins near cross-country trails that increased most in value.

But make sure you know what you pay for. You should be aware of some formulations in the ad.

Is there anything about solar conditions?

– If the sales assignment does not say anything about the solar conditions, then they rarely say anything to brag about. I often also hear the sellers say “here we have the sun until it goes down …” but that statement applies to all cabins. It is the terrain around the cabin that determines “when the sun goes down”, says real estate agency MNEF Torbjørn Meli at Krogsveen department Porsgrunn.

Therefore, check the sun conditions extra carefully. You may want to download an app that measures this before viewing.

It may be boring to return to a shady cottage after a sunny ride. Then it may not tempt you with refreshments in the cabin wall. Particularly annoying, it may be when you see the cabins a few hundred meters away, the bathroom is in the afternoon sun, he adds.

"Here we have the sun until it goes down"

SOLUTION: The Sunsurveyor app shows you where the sun is set to date and time, so you can, for example, check how long you have sun on the site in winter. It is available for both Android and Iphone / Ipad.

In general, it’s advisable to be critical before turning on. General Manager Tore Rugsveen at Dnb Eiendom Lillehammer Fritid says that it should be easy to sell it again at a later date.

– It is important with views and sunny conditions. Remember, you’ll be able to sell it later, “he says.

Ulne formulations

Meli also advises to pay particular attention to formulations in which the taxpayer himself has made reservations, for example that the roof or foundation wall has not been properly investigated due to a lot of snow or that the insecticide is not inspected because no inspection hatch was established at that time was listed.

This is information that can make it difficult to claim claims to sellers if weaknesses appear.

Broker is also required to inform about the cab’s operating expenses, including sales of electricity.

Want to check on the cabin view:

  • Ask who has built the cabin. Was it a diligence effort with a carpenter as a “construction manager” or was it a professional company that stood for the work of its time? What self-effort was done. Please ask if the pipelines and electrical installations are carried out by professionals.
  • If it appears that pipelines and electrical installations look “rufsete”, there is every reason to consider that this may be necessary to rectify.
  • In recent cabins built in the last 10-15 years, it is rare that there has been a special effort on pipelines and electrical installations. But remember one thing; have confirmed that it has been completed in cabins built after the millennium.
  • A proper technical survey, preferably documented in a home sales report, is probably the best. Alternatively, you should ask for help and bring someone familiar with the survey of buildings. Remember, therefore, that the person who actually uses a “fostered builder” may risk being weaker in a later claim against the seller precisely because it is expected that with professional help they should have seen and though any weaknesses at the cabin.
  • Also note the neighborhood around the cabin. Look at the regulation chart and find out if in the future it can be built more around the cabin. To get an answer to this, you must check the municipal plan that shows the overall and future plans around the regulatory plan the cabin you buy is located in.

Source: Real Estate Agent MNEF Torbjørn Meli at Krogsveen department Porsgrunn.

– Keep in mind that it is not certain that the cabin is particularly hot, although it is stated in the sales task that selling last year did not spend more than 6000 kroner in power.

Read the report

In addition, you must relate to the cabin’s actual condition.

Most of us who are on display are not building engineers, and it’s quick to get more charm with idyllic descriptions in the ad.

– Fortunately, it has become more and more common for sellers to follow the broker’s advice on having a home sales report that will then be integrated into the sales task. It is important to read this, although it may be a bit “dry” substance compared with the broker’s description of what is good at the cabin and location, says Meli i Krogsveen.

The boring report should be carefully reviewed before submitting bids.

– Ask questions about what appears in the home sales report if something is unclear. Do not be afraid to call the taxpayer or the building commissioner who has produced the home sales report. Ask what is needed of money and other resources to correct what is reported in the report as less good, he advises.

You can, for example, ask what it will cost to fix the roofing or isolate the cold ceiling to reduce heat loss.

Check top and bottom

Rugsveen recommends bringing a knowledgeable person to the show and putting some time for the decision.

Be sure to get a complete overview of what is found below and above the house.

– If you buy an old cottage it is important to check the foundation and drainage. This is often worse on old cabins and are typical things to be considered. If you buy in the summer the cabin is quiet, but in winter it will be tele in the ground. Then the cabin can lift a little, “he says.

Have you heard about the doorstars? follow the Rugsveen you should check how the doors go when you are on display. If they are opened and closed without difficulty, it is fine, but if they are tight it may mean that there is movement in the ground.

It’s also wise to lift your eyes.

– The roof is important. If the roof is tight, there is a lot to be done. It is often safer to buy cabins with non-painted panels, because you will see if there is a leak, says Rugsveen.


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