Here they shower on the parquet floor

In this bathroom they have chosen floor coverings reminiscent of parquet, which are moisturized and heat-treated.

Here they shower on the parquet floor

Many of us use woodwork in the bathroom.

But not on the floor, and at least not in the shower zone.

Johanne Taugbøl is a partner in the architectural firm of Wood Architecture + Design. She would test an alternative to the traditional tiles.

We were tired of tiles and wanted to try if anything else was used. For me, as an architect, it’s a good idea to try such a home before I recommend it to customers, “says Taugbøl.

She tells the atmosphere to change by having wood in the bathroom.

– Wood is both visually hot and feels warmer to go and touch. In addition, acoustics are affected. The rejuvenation becomes less hard than in a tiled bathroom. It’s like being on a spa hotel everyday, “says Taugbøl.

Here they shower on the parquet floor

VÅTROMSPARKET ON FLOOR AND DUSJVEGG: The parquet is called Thermoask bathroom floor, and is heat treated to withstand the humid environment. The floor is provided by Moelven. The bath is from Westerbergs, and the fittings from Hansgrohe. Photo: Espen Grønli

Heat-treated floor coverings in the bathroom

The parquet this is about is no ordinary parquet, even though the wood is real enough. The reason that it has such long-lasting properties is that the material, in this case American box, has been heat and moisture treated, with the result that the ability of the three cells to absorb moisture has been greatly reduced.

I Additionally, the parquet has become very stable and almost without movement.

Regular Maintenance

The benefits of having a parquet-clad bathroom do not come entirely without further work. In addition to the usual, qualified work, use a tile and silicone to be placed on the note as a seal between the tables and gluing them together.

Sealing around extinguishing is also particularly important. Then it is recommended to use antibacterial sealant along all springs on the shelf to seal the bars. This way you should also seal the transition between the floor and the wall.

Furthermore, it requires some maintenance beyond the usual. For example, the wood must be oiled regularly, at least once a year.

Here they shower on the parquet floor

WATER RESISTANT ASK: As long as the wood is oiled regularly, it retains its water repellent properties. Photo: Espen Grønli

30 year warranty on the bathroom floor

– I’m drowning after a shower, but it’s not necessary. It is a good case. Then it should be fine for ten, fifteen years, Johanne predicts.

The manufacturer of the floor, Norwegian Moelven, takes even harder in:

“Has all the points taken into account is standard in wet rooms, 30 years warranty is given against the product, “the product sheet states.

Here they shower on the parquet floor

FLEXIBLE FLORA: The flower-shaped shower heads from Clearshower can make the shower rhythm a poetic experience. Photo: Espen Grønli

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