Here they shall live on the water

Forget about staying at the water. Now you can turn it on. Just check these unique floating homes.

Here they shall live on the water

Although it’s a dream to many, it’s not everyone’s intention to live in the immediate vicinity of water or sea. Some are lucky than others and have obtained a cottage or holiday home at the waterfront, but for many others, the dream is due to both the economy and the lack of restrictions on available land.

But if by the water can not be done, what about living? That is what according to the design and architecture site InHabitat is the idea behind the floating village that is currently building a good fortune in Pori on the west coast of Finland.

Energy-saving eco-housing

It is the company Marinetek which is behind the exciting project, which will consist of a total of 16 houses when it is finished.

The houses, which are very lightweight, will be equipped with systems and technology that are very energy-saving, explains Ilkka Seppälä at Marinetek to the website..

In addition, the houses are designed to withstand and survive quite extreme wind and wave conditions.

Here they shall live on the water

WHAT IS THE HOUSES CLEARED: The houses are built on “floating bridges” anchored in the seabed. Photo: Marinetek

Here they shall live on the water

ENVIRONMENTAL PLEASE: The homes are designed to use 80% less energy than regular homes. Photo: Marintek

Green technology is one of the key ideas when it comes to floating homes.

What is LEED?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a voluntary, market driven environmental program that offers a verification and certificate that a building is “green” enough. From individual homes and buildings, to entire neighborhoods and communities, LEED aims to change the way built environments are set designed, built and in function. LEED aims to take care of the entire life cycle of a building in its assessments and considerations.

(Source: US Green Building Council)

– The goal is that the homes here should all be LEED-certified, explains Marinetek’s press officer to the site.

– Using a unique heat-saving system, it is possible to reduce the energy consumption of the homes by up to 80% compared to regular houses, as well as the fact that each of the houses can also be equipped with solar panels if this should be desirable.

The properties will be connected to the municipal sewage system in the city.

Comes as Building Kit

The completed module parts arrived at the construction site in a container or on a loading plan. The houses are then assembled to the way they appear as finished before they are lifted onto the corresponding “floating bridges”. Then the house and platform are docked to the seabed.

– The bridges on which the houses are housed consists of reinforced concrete, timber and surface-treated Finnish pine, explains Seppälä at Marinetek to the site.

Here they shall live on the water

POPULAR: Marinetek is behind the new homes, which they think may be popular in many other countries as well. Photo: Marinetek

Here they shall live on the water

NATURAL: The accommodation is furnished with simple Scandinavian design. Photo: Marinetek

– These are longer and wider than the houses themselves, and have a low center of gravity.

Here they shall live on the water

This became a luxury residence

Inspired by Naust

The unique houses vary in size from 52 m2 and up to the largest houses measuring 93 m2. And if you think the design is known, then it’s probably not that strange.

– The architectural style of the houses is inspired by traditional boathouses and boat houses, as it is used to seeing these in coastal areas throughout Scandinavia, explains Seppälä.

– The houses are made of wood and will all have pointed black roofs.

Will sell the concept abroad

The houses in Pori have already sold out. And at a cottage and holiday home fair in the city of Lappeenranta recently, it was the floating houses that were the largest draft patch.

Here they shall live on the water

EXTREME VALUES: The floating dwellings are built to withstand extreme wind and wave conditions. Photo: Marinetek

Here they shall live on the water

GREEN RESIDENCE: The houses are built according to a green model and could be equipped with solar panels. Photo: Marinetek

– We are looking for these and similar types of floating homes to be a major export product for Finland, explains Marinetek.

Here they shall live on the water

You do not guess where the door is located

Based on the same technology and ease of structure, we look for us to export similar “villages” to, for example, Russia, Italy, France or the Middle East.

At home in Finland, similar floating communities are planned for both Helsinki, Espoo and Kirkkonummi.

In this house you have dropped walls

Here they shall live on the water

WILL EXPORT: Marinetek will export the idea of ​​floating homes to other countries. Photo: Marinetek

Here they shall live on the water

BUILDING: The houses come in ready-made building blocks, and then assembled before they are attached to the floating bridges. Photo: Marinetek

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