Here they look – but nobody looks in

The house is sheltered for visibility, yet has spectacular views.

Here they look - but nobody looks in

Matched Home

Who? Marianne Bjerke, Morten and Sebastian (18) and Henriette (16).

What? Detached house in Åros in Røyken, designed by R21 Architects,

Why? When the architectural office was to draw the house, they concentrated on family needs. The accommodation was therefore first drawn inside, and then the facade is adapted to the terrain. The plan solution is special with views from all rooms and that the house is completely sheltered from access. The materials are of high quality.

The house is completely sheltered from the neighbors and every detail is carefully planned from the inside out.

Marianne Bjerke was on the construction site every day to get a home in flight.

Started from within

The house is high on the slope with spectacular views.

The trees rise from the plateau below, and the large window surfaces help to integrate the pine tops into the interior.

Today the fog has blurred the view, and it contributes to a creepy atmosphere in the rooms.

R21 Architects are masters of the family Bjerkes housing, which is shaped with emphasis on every detail. The housing adventure started inside.

“We collaborated closely with the architects all the way, and they designed the house from the outside,” says Marianne to Bonytt, adding:

– Every single thing should vote, and I met up at the construction site every day to follow.

The article continues underneath the pictures.

Here they look - but nobody looks in

CUSTOMER GLANCE: The Ore lamp shines down on the table with wide planks in dark wood, from Poliform, Expo Nova. The commute can be ordered at light concept. no Large glass surfaces down to the fjord provide a great view. LIGHT SIGHT: The lamp is from Santa Cole, a square coffee table from Gran Domino, gray carpet from Kymo and sofa bought at Expo Nova. Gray chair Maxalto from the B&B, Italy. Around the table from Eske Interiør. Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley STYLING: Tone Crochet

Here they look - but nobody looks in

SITE WITH VIEW: The lounge is located with a view, sofa from Expo Nova and the dark gray chair Salto has participated in several relocations. Lamp from Santa Cole in the corner. Image is painted by Anne Siv Falkenberg Pedersen, Gallery Semmingsen. Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley STYLING: Tone Crochet

More challenges along the way

As a lighting architect, she is concerned with how the home will work in the everyday life of the family with two big children.

Since the house is in a residential area in steep terrain, there were several challenges along the way.

– The screening was important and the result was a house with sliders so we avoid access, says Marianne and adds:

– At the same time, we have a view from wherever we are in the house, most rooms are designed so that we can look out over the fjord.

The living room and dining room on the lower level have glass surfaces that move smoothly around the corners.

It is open to the kitchen and a wide staircase leads on to the next living room with the master bedroom and bathroom inside.

-We can lie in bed and enjoy the view. The kids have their downstairs en suite rooms.

Here they look - but nobody looks in

BEDROOM: Bedding and pillows in linen are in line with the curtains of the same material. The bedspread and the cloak are specially made. Round bedside table from Bærum Verk. Bolina pillows and bedspread from Eske Interiør. MARMORED: Both floors and parts of the walls in the bathroom are covered in carrara marble, gray lingards pick up the marble color. Decor from Multiform. Round table from Eske Interiør and towel from Bolina. Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley STYLING: Tone Crochet

Heart of the house

Basically, Marianne decided to have color in the kitchen, but the result was white fronts together with countertops and an island framed by Italian marble.

The wide staircase is the center of the house. Here we are welcome to have breakfast or have good conversations when we have guests. Marianne Bjerke

– The heart of the house is white, therefore the white built-in kitchen became part of the whole that helps the rooms flow in each other. The wide stairs is important to keep the flow, while it is a social zone.

– On the wide wooden steps, we welcome the breakfast. Guests also like to use our staircases when we are not sitting at the dining table.

A beautiful designer light shines down on the dark dining table.

– I’m furnished with light, says Marianne.

– The light falling on the furniture lifts the materials and creates slight mood. Besides light, there are durable materials and precious details that have been crucial throughout the entire construction process. The result has become a tailor made home.

Here they look - but nobody looks in

SOSIAL AREA: The wide staircase opens up between the rooms. It is also used to sit on. The staircase consists of douglasgran from Dinesen, which all the floor of the house is dressed with. Marianne has a sense of detail and the meeting between marble and wood at the end of the kitchen island is one of many surprises. On the ceiling there are no lists on the sides, but a small opening that creates shadow. FROM YELLOW: The kitchen interior is from Multiform and it is built from floor to ceiling. The lamp over the Modular bench gives good working light. Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley STYLING: Tone Crochet

Here they look - but nobody looks in

MARMOR: The worktops on the kitchen island and by the sink are in marble from Carrara. “A beautiful material, although it’s not so practical in the kitchen, spills pull into the material, but I just had to have it,” says the aesthetist.. KITCHEN PICTURE: Small-scale counting, wood chipboard and bowl from town Lasson. Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley STYLING: Tone Crochet

Here they look - but nobody looks in

PLANNING: Here is a floor plan over house 2. story. Photo: Architectural office R21


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