Here the inventor puts his finger in the saga

Hold your breath This video is not for pingles.

Here the inventor puts his finger in the saga

When the finger touches the magazine, the matter stops within five milliseconds.

The TV channel Discovery has made its own program on the incredible case in its TimeWarp series, all in high-definition movies.

In the program of the invention, they first test the system with a sausage, then the inventor of the case, Steve, is challenged to test the stopping function with his own finger.

Here the inventor makes the test.

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How it works

When your finger touches the blade, it disappears into the matter within five milliseconds, and in the worst case you have a slight rupture in the skin.

In the saw blade there is a constant electrical signal that is continuously monitored.

Wood does not conduct electricity, but it makes a finger. When the skin comes into contact with the blade, this signal changes, which initiates the entire safety plan.


Steve Gass is the man who has invented the system.

With the help of three friends, he made a prototype that he took on one of the major tools.

There they showed the case and did what was later called “sausage demo”.

The invention became the major topic of discussion at the fair and all three decided to leave their lawsuits and further develop the invention.

In 2005, they started the company SawStop, which produces tableware with this invention built-in.

Here you will see how the system works.

Advanced Mechanics

Here the inventor puts his finger in the saga

The Stopper: This is the mechanism that does the job. When the stopper is triggered, the aluminum brake pops into the saw bath and stops it. The brake itself is designed to deform and absorb much of the energy in the saw blade. Photo: the manufacturer

During the five milliseconds, the aluminum brake pops into the saw blade and stops it blades down in the table and the engine stops.

New blade and brake change within five minutes, and comes in a finished package that costs around $ 400.

Gathering fingers

According to the company there are several hundred fingers that have been spared. Their own website shows a small selection.

New Products

The people at SawStop already have prototypes ready to make cuts and circles with the same system.

Not approved

When we ask them if this case can be purchased in Norway, they respond that it is not CE-approved, which means that it can not be sold in the EU.

Could not be due to a lack of security?

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