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Here the homes are sold the fastest

Realistic pricing is the most important thing for a quick sale.

Here the homes are sold the fastest

At the tamp of last year, Drammen had the fastest rising house prices, but now Tromsø has taken over the leadership. 11.1 percent rose from July last year to July this year. But if you are looking for a quick sale of your home, it is not one of the two cities that can measure with the capital of central Norway.

In Trondheim, the homes are sold in 19 days, while in the Agder counties it is slowest. For 69 days, the sellers had to wait before the sale was in the box. This according to the recently published housing price statistics from the Norwegian Property Brokerage Agency (NEF).

– It’s about the classic relationship between supply and demand, says real estate agent and partner in Nylander, Trondheim, Alexander Hotic Kvernstad, to click. no.

– And in Trondheim there is too little offer. In addition, we have a lag from the financial crisis, as construction activity was low. I’m pretty sure that the housing market in Trondheim will still be good.

Slow down in southern Norway

The same explanation gives the brokerage position in Sørlandet, but with the opposite sign.

– There is a large offer with many similar objects, and when demand is not equivalent, the housing will be left, “explains Deputy Head of the Southland Real Estate Association and Real Estate Agent in the Plumber Broker, Cato Hersvik, to Click. no.

– It also has something to do with the job offer, in addition, it has been built a lot in recent years.

– Price the best selling point

Here the homes are sold the fastest

Therefore, the law is kind to cat owners

Although they have experienced a somewhat slower market in July, Kvernstad believes that it is clearly the seller’s market in Trondheim.

But even though the objects are moving away, he emphasizes that it is nevertheless important to set the price correctly.

– To praise correctly, I think is absolutely essential for a good sale, because the first impression is the most important. If housing becomes too long, the market becomes skeptical, and especially if they see that a home appears with a new price.

– It is also our experience that pricing is of great importance, but we often experience when the homes have been for sale for a while when the bids come under the pricing, and it puts pressure on the price level, Hersvik says, stressing that The other hand is about selling on several occasions unfortunately viewing bids below desired price.

Being realistic and making a reasonable price will therefore be a crucial starting point for a good sale, even though you know that your neighbor achieved a higher price for a similar residence the year before.

Take your time with the sale

Kvernstad believes that in Trondheim there is a good historical basis for setting the price correctly. And he finds that the market is well-oriented in the price level, so that it has little intention to try out too high a price, believing that you will get the greatest possible profit from home sales.

Here the homes are sold the fastest

One key press reveals whether the apartment has a closing price

Should it nevertheless be so that you do not get sold at first try, it may be sensible if you have time to take the property off the market for a while and then advertise it again a while later because it will new buyers came to the market.

The timeline is also drawn by Hersvik, and he tells that the customers in his market have a good time and are happy to return to the same residence several times.

Therefore, it becomes important for the seller to have a good time, because everything is eventually sold.

Parents buy, children live

It is well known that many parents help the children when setting up for the first time. This is how it is also in Trondheim, which in these times has a large impression of students who want to live.

– We find that parents are the buyer and the children who live, he says.

Here the homes are sold the fastest

– It should be a day before the first bid

However, according to NRK, there are some parents who regret their outstretched hand. They refer to a survey made by Sparebank 1 SMN, and concludes, among other things, that three out of ten parents experienced that their help limited their own ability to borrow. Furthermore, it appears that one in five respondents said that the contribution led to disagreement among the siblings. One in seven was also disappointed with the children’s ability to own responsibility.

Another disadvantage, according to Nordea’s consumer economist, Christine Warloe, is that parents’ help becomes a resting place for many young people.

Since you have heard so much about how difficult it is to enter the housing market, there is a danger that many young people resign with their own savings and trust that their parents will help. I advise parents to consider housing savings with the children early. Encourage them to take an extra job so that you get started with the beneficial BSU savings. It is important that this is not postponed until after the study time. It increases the chances of a parent being going to dig deep in her own economy, she reports to NRK.

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Here the homes are sold the fastest

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