Here she swims over the balcony

The house is designed to give an airy feel.

Here she swims over the balcony

The Japanese architect Norisada Maeda shares his projects on Flickr.

Here he has also presented his latest project, Plastic Moon, as we show here.

Model in Shapes

The house is made of a model made in shapes.

The floors and rooms in the model appear as negative casting of the shapes.

(See the pictures below).

The four modules are then placed on top of each other. This creates space and air where there are openings in the model.

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The house has the garden in the middle

Here they are on skates inside

Here she swims over the balcony

Three steps: The house is made according to this model. Picture 1: This is the positive form. What is filled in in shape will be the negative print of the form. Picture2: Here is the result of the form in Picture 1, with some changes. Picture 3: The four layers are placed on top of each other. The rooms are then created by the air between the layers and in the molds. Photo: Norisada Maeda

The open house

The architect tells that he made this model to bring an airy feel to the house. Then the house itself is made in steel orders.

The nearest organic building has walls and rooms sliding across each other, and openings that lead light from one floor to another.

The swimming pool is as the pictures show added to a page where there is air between the teams, so you feel like swimming in loose air.

In the lower floor, the owner has a dental office, while in the other two floors is a private residence.

The building is featured on and the blog Designboom.

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Here she swims over the balcony

Open: Each shape or floor has some voids that create communication between the floors. Photo: Norisada Maeda

The house looks like it’s flowing

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