Here’s how to reuse old materials

See what 140 year old planks can be used for.

Here's how to reuse old materials

BATHROOM INTERNET FROM 1870: The decor of 140 years old Materials are made by Drivved. no. Snekkeriet has recently opened a new showroom at Ramstadsletta outside Oslo. Photo:

Recycling is not just environmentally friendly. It is also an exercise in creativity, which can give your interior a personal touch.

There are many ways to reuse old materials, furniture and utilities.

Driving along any country road in Norway does not take long before you can see an old barn or outhouse that is falling apart.

The vision tells the story of a pressurized agriculture, and lack of resources and motivation to drive maintenance.

Even though the days of the building are spoken, everything is not completely dark. The building materials themselves can live on.

Old planks, new look

For some carpentry works, weathered, sharpened planks are the core material itself. With an open, creative mind and good joke skills, the barnboards can be restored as dressers or kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures or dressers.

At such carpenters you can buy finished furniture, or make something customized to order.

Do you like the weathery look, but do not see the charm of the authentic, you can cheat.

With the right products and techniques, you’ll soon be able to make the wood look as if it had tasted soothing wind, whining rain and glorious sun for a hundred years.

Here's how to reuse old materials

LOW PLANTS: The commodity drawers consist of planks from a once-off painted barn. The decor is at Nævdal woodworking. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Here's how to reuse old materials

USE OF STILLAS: Belgium Jurgen de Gendt has discovered that scaffolding materials are equally useful and beautiful as they are solid. He runs his own shop in Iveland (cosmopolitan. no), but the products are also available through selected dealers in Sørlandet. Photo: The Gendt


Redesign is another form of reuse. The approach is to create something new of old furniture or objects – either give them a new look or give them a new feature.

This direction is especially popular with the younger and urban who are charmed by the old, but at the same time want renewal.

Examples of redesign are to mount legs on an old suitcase and use it as a coffee table, or paint a rococo pillow in pangs and put on a contrasting feature.

Rough and Freely

Here's how to reuse old materials

STORAGE STORAGE: An old suitcase has become a coffee table. Photo: Vivoli

Here's how to reuse old materials

PREVIOUS USE: The redesign company Vivoli has given the old chair a new expression by slipping it down and pulling it over. Photo: Vivoli

Redesign sometimes implies an unnecessary approach to old goods. You may want to think about two times before embarking on painting the grandmother’s old crown in turquoise and lime green.

Also, make sure that the furniture you pimper does not have a particular market value. After being painted and drilled, any value will be lost.

On the other hand, redesign could help old furniture to be used and loved, rather than standing and dusting in a basement or garage.

There are several workshops and design agencies selling redesigned furniture. Some of them also have their own online stores.

building protection

The most pietetic approach to reuse is building protection. If you have an old house you want to preserve best according to its original style, you will benefit greatly from stores that lead old buildings and convey knowledge about different styles..

Here's how to reuse old materials

REDESIGN ON WHEEL: A 1950 table top has got a new suspension with brake and height adjustment. The idea and execution are at Precious. no. Photo: Precious

In stores like Molo and Old Trehus you will find, for example, an overwhelming range of building details (lamps, doors, fittings, etc.. ) and materials that cover most style periods.

If you have an old door or door you want to get restored, such shops are the place to go. Molo also has a large selection of newly manufactured details that allow you to brush your house without breaking the style.

Conservation Web Hosting Portal

According to the turnover of building retail stores, the interest in building protection seems to be rising in Norway, and the establishment of the Bygg og Bevar web portal, confirms this.

The portal was created a few years ago, inter alia, to convey knowledge about restoration of older buildings, and to convey contact between professionals and consumers.

Here's how to reuse old materials

DETAILS DETAILS: The Molo store is over 300 sqm and has a huge selection of old building parts. Photo: Molo

Here's how to reuse old materials

OLD DOORS AND REPRODUSED FLIGHTS: Building Protection Institution Old Wooden House has over a thousand old doors in stock. Here you will also find newly manufactured tiles with a traditional pattern. Photo:

Are you especially concerned with building protection associated with old wooden houses, the website is old house. no a must. In addition to knowledge and information on building protection, there is an online marketplace for buying and selling old building parts: everything from iron ovens and copper boilers to windows and roof tiles.

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Here's how to reuse old materials

VINTAGE ELEKTRO: Also in Sweden, the interest in building protection is present. Byggfabriken. see has a good overview of large and small items that help keep the style. Photo: Byggfabriken

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