Here’s how to get a bathtub

It does not have to stand in the bathroom.

Here's how to get a bathtub

OUR SIGHTPLACE: The location at the windows gives the opportunity to look beyond the city from the bath. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Here's how to get a bathtub

QUIET PREG: In order not to give the bath and the bedroom the struggle for attention, the bathroom itself is neutrally decorated. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Here's how to get a bathtub

Tiles, vinyl or wet room paint?

Here's how to get a bathtub

Here are the largest interior trends

Here's how to get a bathtub

Refurbished bathroom with pure conscience

Here's how to get a bathtub

The bedroom you never get tired of

When you build or brush a bathroom, it’s natural to ask yourself where the bathtub will stand.

Underlined: Where in the bathroom should the tub be placed?

When May Berg and Roy Stokvik built their bathroom, they thought outside the box – literally. Why not pull the bath out of the bathroom and place it inside the bedroom?

There are several good reasons for this. But there are also some reasons to go against the flow.

A touch of spa

Not only have the residents acquired a bathroom and bedroom no one else has. Now it’s a spa aura resting over the room.

Here they can lower the body into warm water and enjoy the view of the eastern edge of the skyline through the large glass doors leading out to the balcony.

But back to the disadvantages:

– The solution is probably not particularly family-friendly. This is the spa department, the daily shower we take down the bathroom, says Stokvik.

One thing is water spills on the floor, another thing is temperature differences. While a good bedroom should be cool, the bathroom should be warm.

It does not concern residents.

As long as it’s hot in the water, it does not matter that it’s a bit cool in the air . And the room is big enough for we do not risk moisture problems.

Got expert help

The residents were assisted by interior designer MNIL Kathinka Dalseg for the project in connection with the magazine Bonytts series “The interior designer helps you”.

– Dalseg gave us the security needed to choose bold solutions, “residents said.

Here's how to get a bathtub

CONSIDERABLE FLOOR: A two-square-meter large glass plate on the floor increases space feeling dramatically on both floors. The floor of the wall on the floor repeats the “circle of design” over the bath. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Basically all possibilities were open. The apartment was a blank, two-storey volume in a newly built Selvaag block on Tøyen.

Here's how to get a bathtub

COLOR RIGHT: To avoid a chaotic expression, the color palette is limited to white, black, orange and brown. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Thus they were also free to lay in a glass floor at the exit of the balcony. This dramatically increases the space feeling on both floors.

But this is not a typical family-friendly solution, all the time you wander around in your bedroom in a pantyhose or nightgown.

Pure geometry

The interior is characterized by clear geometric touches. The zone that together consists of bathroom and bathtub is curved at each end. The grip does not only make an eye-catching and decorative element in the interior – the round shapes also bear that this is a body-friendly arena.

The soft finds its contrast in the one bedroom wall and the rack, which together make up a black cube.

Prizes over i and

Here's how to get a bathtub

BLACK COUGE: The black-tailed wardrobe from TM Line is part of what appears like a black cube. The black flat screen is mounted on a swing arm that can be rotated against the bed. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

The most eye-catching geometric feature, however, is the round disc that floats over the bath.

Interior Architects Tips

  • Weigh with wetness. Do not be afraid to choose colors that nobody else has. The colors that are best for you can not be found in the trend image right now. Choose bold colors, but stick to a few.
  • Use accent colors. Use colors to create or emphasize geometric shapes. For example, you can create a cube by painting two adjacent walls of the same color.
  • Avoid mas. Strong visual elements can compete and thus weaken each other. Concentrate on few focus points, and make sure that there are also muted features in the room. To avoid a hectic expression, we chose quiet, sandy tiles in the bathroom.

– It is obviously the prick of your i-one. Now we feel that we have a sunrise every single day.

The solar circle put them on the track of a Japanese expression. Thus came the ginsenget, the low, almost hovering bed, and Isamu Noguchi’s rice paper lamp soon in place.

In addition to interchanging interdisciplinary expertise, they did not go away to suck their own breast. The dressing of the bathroom is Stokvik’s pride.

Those who have been visiting Snøhetto’s opera will instantly draw a spell on the oak panel that hits the wetland zone.

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Here's how to get a bathtub

MORE FORMER: The oak-framed frame requires regular oiling due to frequent watering. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Here's how to get a bathtub

Around the bathroom: The bathroom is dressed with residual materials from the opera in Bjørvika. A sliding door makes it possible to close the bath and bedroom area from the other room of the floor. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

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