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Here’s how to decorate shabby chic

Bring the good from the shabby chic style and create a personal home.

Here's how to decorate shabby chic

Look for colors, motifs, texts and materials that you really like.

Shabby chic is a well-used term, and the trend’s peak is for the longest time.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of good we can bring along from this interior trend.

Among other things, it’s not so careful.

Let your affairs be unpretentious and imagine it will reflect your self.

The furniture does not need to be polished and new, the walls do not need to be painted freshly.

The most important source of inspiration is what has lived for a long time.

The old can actually be the best.

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Here's how to decorate shabby chic

FIND USER TAXES: In markets you will find things that can make the interior exciting. Photo: Mette K. Stene-Johansen

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Hytteiviv’s interior expert Fredrikke Friis Bertheussen burns for a warm and personal decor style and has many good tips for a shabby interior style.

– I think three directions within the style point out, she says to

– Combine with flowers, rows and small patterns, with chickens, worn old wood furniture, painted in worn pastels for a romantic orientation.

– The second variant is more tightly simple, factory-style furniture, wall structure, zinc, and metals.

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– A final variant is a more organic variant, where you can combine organic shapes like stone and old wooden beams with gray, slanted furniture, says Fredrikke.

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  • Create exciting contrasts by combining matte natural materials such as untreated wood, wool and linen with white qualities like silver and prisms.
  • Paint the walls bright.
  • To enhance the natural and vibrant expression, you can decorate furniture with animal motifs and poems.
  • Bring the heat into a bright interior with reindeer leather, wool and brown accessories.
  • Look for colors, motifs, texts and materials that you really like. It may be old scarves, pictures, clothes, jewelry. Can you use them as something else?
Here's how to decorate shabby chic

COLLECTION: One idea is to collect many things of the same kind. Photo: Siri Møller

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Here's how to decorate shabby chic

CHANGE KNOTTER: A simple decorative tip is to switch knots on dressers and cabinets. Photo: Christina Krüger

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