Here nobody breaks in

Flexible concrete panel, super-sized outdoor cinema screen and a suspension bridge to the roof rack. In this fortress house, even 007 felt safe.

Here nobody breaks in

Here nobody breaks in

BETONG: The house is made of concrete and glass. Photo: Aleksander Rutkowski

There may be many reasons for choosing to build concrete houses.

For many, it is a relief to be able to enjoy a home that is almost maintenance-free.

Others again appreciate the raw simplicity of the concrete and think the material is both beautiful and rough.

For this family on the outskirts of Poland’s capital, Warsaw, it was the concrete’s impermeability and impenetrable that caused the rash, and was due to the fact that Safe House was built in this particular material.

The concrete house, which is an impressive piece of architecture, was designed by architect Robert Konieczny of Kwk Promes Architects, should be as safe as possible and almost impossible to break into.

Close World Out

– The aim of the project was to create a kind of two-story fortress, Konieczny says.

– The owners wanted a house that would give them an absolute sense of security and security, and could almost be shut down from the outside world if they wanted this.

Here nobody breaks in

MODERN: Safe House outside of Warsaw is a modern “fortress”. Photo: Aleksander Rutkowski

This is also the background for the some special concrete concrete panels that can roughly isolate the entire property if they are closed – something that is often done if the owners are gone.

Open and close

– When both walls on the east and west side of the house, both of which are over 15 meters long, are pulled all the way out, the entrance of the house is transformed into a modern courtyard. At the back of the house, where you find a large south-facing garden, you will find a 6 meter high “garage door” that can completely open the house towards the garden, says the architect.

– Window that extends from floor to ceiling emits the outside, and the boundaries between inside and out are wiped out. The view of the countryside around the house is spectacular.

Aluminum garage door is specially designed for the house and comemr of a company that usually supplies shipyards and large lorries with fixtures.

Here nobody breaks in

FORT: When the concrete house is closed, it is almost impermeable. Photo: Aleksander Rutkowski

Here nobody breaks in

TERRIBLE: Closed does not look the house especially friendly and accommodating. Photo: Aleksander Rutkowski

The building itself, when closed, is almost cubic. Only when the concrete panels are pushed toward the outside fence and the house opens, the courtyard in the center becomes visible.

Here nobody breaks in

BUILDING: Closed, Safe House looks like a gigantic brick. Photo: Aleksander Rutkowski

The only way to get into the home is through the main entrance of the building, which is only visible and accessible when the house is open.

Building Kit

The structure of the house itself required a lot of technically complicated solutions, explains architect Robert Konieczny.

– The concrete panels are not the only moving parts on the house. A suspension bridge, which can be pulled in as needed, leads to the roof rack above the swimming pool and a giant garage door that closes on the south side also serves as a canvas for a movie projector.

All moving parts of the housing are based on built-in electric motors. The house itself is a monolithic creation in pure concrete, while the moving parts are made of a relatively light steel frame filled with other material. This allows the house to be completely insulated when it is closed.

Night and Day

In the morning when the house opens, the boundaries are wiped out between the interior and the surrounding landscape. Large window enters the outside.

Here nobody breaks in

GARASJORT PORT: The giant “garage door” opens and closes the south side of the house. Photo: Aleksander Rutkowski

Solar panels collect energy when the house is open during the daytime, which can be used after darkness when the house is closed again.

Here nobody breaks in

UTEPLASS: When the concrete panels are completely pulled out, an intimate courtyard is created outside the house. Photo: Aleksander Rutkowski

The procedure is repeated in the morning and evening, and the house thus has an almost natural shape similar to a planting, which opens in daylight and closes when darkness comes.

The entire house, including the moving elements, is clad in waterproof plywood that is made to imitate wood found naturally in the area around the house. This allows the house to slide naturally into the landscape, despite its special and modernist form.

Safe House has gained recognition in design environments and in 2008 the house was nominated for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe award.

Sources: Freshhome and Topbox Design

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Here nobody breaks in

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Here nobody breaks in

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