Cottage life

Here most Norwegians dream about buying a cottage

Check the list of Norway’s ten most sought after cottage areas.

Here most Norwegians dream about buying a cottage

Here is Norway’s finest hotel

Here most Norwegians dream about buying a cottage

Single trick makes the shaft of the ax to sit

Here most Norwegians dream about buying a cottage

You do not really need other cleaners

Here most Norwegians dream about buying a cottage

Here is the world’s only world-famous villa

Figures from the Real Estate Association (Eff) show that cottage prices have risen at record speed.

This applies primarily to cottages by the sea.

The list of the most exclusive seafront cottage fields shows a crazy average price, and the cottage fish will preferably go to Nøtterøy, Lillesand and Tjøme.

However, most people are dreaming of whales showing the overview like FINN. No has prepared for Hytteiviv.



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738 836


577 268


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293 700


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228 268


204 666


195 305


189 590

SOURCE: FIND. no – Most sought after holiday homes – sea and mountains. Time period: 1. January. -21 sept. 2011

Want to Whales

Real estate agent Asim Vokshi in DnB NOR Eiendom confirms Hvaler’s popularity.

– We are experiencing great interest. If the cottage is in a good location, it is easy to find, “he says.

Yesterday Vokshi sold a cottage at Siljeholmen on Hvaler after another view. The cottage had a price of NOK 3.5 million and is 71 square meters.

The cottage was sold for 3.3 million, 200. 000 under tariff.

Good deal

Are you looking for a cottage in the autumn vacation, you can do a good deal, according to the experts.

Chief economist Jan Andreassen in the Terra Group believes the cab market will get a price gap. This is especially true of mountain cottages.

He tells of an overhang of cottages on the market. However, he does not see a classic fall in prices, but a sway because we are in a so-called “recovery year”. Maybe with high sales, but with lower prices. More and more people will realize that the price must be reduced if the cottage is to be sold, he says.

Jan Andreassen thinks there is imbalance between supply and demand. That is, it is the buyer’s market. When this is leveled out, prices will rise again.

Too high

The brokerage industry has a similar approach and leader Christian Dreyer in Norway’s Real Estate Brokerage Association (NEF) confirms that they have registered a fall in the market.

Dreyer believes the sellers of holiday homes in the mountains must acknowledge that the price level has been too high.

– They can not expect as high prices as a few years ago, he says.

But remember, it is important to distinguish between cottages by the sea and cottages on the mountain. Seaports are a scarcity. In addition, it should be added that there is a difference from region to region on the mountain, he adds.


Maybe it’s the Hvaler television series that has created a new blast for the municipality? Perhaps it’s the celebrities that draw people to the area? Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has at least a cottage here.

Here most Norwegians dream about buying a cottage

FOR SALE: cottage on Trysilfjellet. Price benefit NOK 1.7 million. Bedroom 3. Primary room 58 sqm. Year built 1977. Land 1 083 sqm. Festertomt Photo: Hedmark Eiendom

The overview from FINN also shows solid sea cabinet dominance. Only three typical mountain huts have sneaked into the list: Trysil, Geilo and Hafjell.

cottage owner Willy Storsnes in Hedmark Eiendom has Trysil as a drop-down. He is experiencing the market as tired.

– But it seems like it starts to loosen a bit. It would also just be missing. It’s like high season now, he says.

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