Here it is more dirty than the toilet

How to get it clean again.

Here it is more dirty than the toilet

We would never cut bread on the toilet seat, as this is something we associate with something that’s dirty.

Nevertheless, there are few who think about which bacteria are found on, for example, the cutting fox.

According to are more everyday items that are more dirty than the toilet seat itself, such as the office desk, which will contain over 400 more bacteria than the toilet seat.

Poor knowledge and routines

Well, according to Line Mercedes Åramnes, leader of quality and training in CityMaid Hjemmeservice AS, it is important to distinguish between dangerous bacteria and the bacteria we surround ourselves every day without causing any harm.

– The toilet contains other bacteria than you find on the phone or on the office desk, for example, she says.

– That’s why which bacteria and what their impact on us is important. Most bacteria are harmless and an important part of our immune system.

Head of department and head of department in Total Renhold AS Bjarne Andersen-Gott, on the other hand, believes that it is due to poor knowledge and routines.

– For proper cleaning, these things should not be more dirty than a toilet, he states and adds:

– Of course, it depends on the user, but basically due to poor knowledge and routines, and improper use of soap / detergents.

Here it is more dirty than the toilet

NOT ONE TO EVERYTHING: Use cutlery of different colors to different food groups. Photo: Guro Heiret

Use more cutting fins

In the list created by Diply, it appears that the cutting edge is one of the disturbances. In other words, it is important that you wash the filler carefully after each time you use it.

– A tip can be to use cutlery in different colors for different food groups. This way you avoid cross-infection, explains Andersen-Gott.

He also recommends using disinfectants when washing the detergent after use. This can also be done by cleaning the kitchen sink.

This is also on the list of things that are more dirty than the toilet.

– Remember that the kitchen cloth should also be disinfected if you use this to wipe the kitchen sink, “he says..

A good tip is to use paper when you dry the laundry to avoid unnecessary bacteria in the cloth.

Clean periodically

Cleaning expert Else Liv Hagesæther, recommends cleaning the kitchen sink regularly..

– In the old days we often had a fired laundry where we, among other things, threw food leftovers. Today, there is usually only one wash. Therefore, make sure you always remove food residue, as these can contain some bacteria, and clean the laundry with water and microfiber cloth, “said the expert, adding:

– It is also important to clean the drain regularly.

To clean the drain you can empty a cup of salt that you mix with baking soda. Then rinse well with warm water. This will loosen up what is stuck in the drain, we must believe Hagesæther.

Here it is more dirty than the toilet

NOT MORE: The microfiber cloth and some water are often enough to clean, for example office bulbs, remote controls, light switches and door handles. Photo: Guro Heiret

Microfiber cloth and water are often enough

According to the list, light switches and remote control are also things that contain more bacteria than the toilet seat. Should we believe Hagesæther you come a long way with a microfiber cloth and some water.

– Light switches are easy to wash, but are often forgotten. The same applies to door handles. It’s no worse than going over with a damp microfiber cloth, she points out.

Åramnes agrees.

– When it comes to office bulbs, remote controls and the like, you often do not need more than a microfiber cloth and some water, she explains.

A microfiber cloth effectively removes bacteria and replaces soap in many areas.

– Good microfiber cloths are worth gold but remember that they do not have to be washed with fabric softeners – they will destroy the fibers and they will not have the same effect..

It is also important not to use too much water if you want to dry over the remote control. Here you can as well use a wet liquor containing alcohol.

Fort made to forget

In a busy day, it is quick to forget that both carpets and refrigerators should be washed. When did you last do more than just vacuum the rug?

– Carpet should be cleaned regularly. Here a lot of dust accumulates that has a bad effect on the indoor climate, Åramnes points out.

One tip is to take a terry towel, wrap it up in cold water containing salmiakk, and rub the carpet.

When it comes to the refrigerator it is important to check the food that is there.

A rule of thumb may be to check the old food refrigerator before going shopping at the store. Then you get rid of odor and bacteria and you save money by not buying anything you already have.

– Check the refrigerator at regular intervals and wash the shelves with microfiber cloth and water, Hagsæther.

– If you have a bad smell you can pour a little soda on a bowl and put in the fridge. This will kill smells, she adds.


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