Here it is just to settle down

Spa elements, horizontal showers – and black sinks. See the latest bathroom trends here.

Here it is just to settle down

We are all dreaming of a functional bathroom where we can trip barefoot into the morning cloth, then to tuck in a warm and comfortable shower or dip in a delicious bathtub – before we take the last finish in front of the mirror. With the right lighting and lighting conditions, of course.

If you have not thought about it before, actual hotel bathing can be a great source of inspiration if you are pursuing renovations plans in the bathroom. These bathrooms are usually functional and simply decorated, so that you can make changes quickly as the trends come and go.

According to Siv Elizabeth Egger, communications adviser at Ikea, the spa in the bathroom is something that many people are dreaming of. Peace and harmony are important keywords, regardless of the size of the bathroom.

Therefore, there is still a lot of white, preferably in combination with light wood. Then you get the simple and clean Scandinavian style, in addition to a peaceful atmosphere, says Egger.

Here it is just to settle down

LIGHT AND AIR: The Scandinavian style stands out and it’s no wonder: the simple is often the best. The bathroom fixtures here are from Ikea. Photo: Producer

Touchless laundry

Nevertheless, although many think of function rather than aesthetics in the bathroom, many are still watching more.

According to Lene Vestrum, media adviser in “Have it in the Bathroom”, black washes are some of the trends in the moment. The same are pillowcases that look like sculptures in your bathroom. And while we’ve seen a lot of square washings over time, it’s getting more of the round shapes. And square washings have got more rounded shapes.

Touch-free sinks have also occupied the homes, those previously found in public spaces – such as restaurants.

– Now these come in less expensive variants. We see a lot of this in Europe, says Vestrum.

Larger tiles

Here it is just to settle down

EASY EXPRESS: A dark contrast wall gives the room a tough expression. The decor is from Kvik. Photo: Producer

Here it is just to settle down

GIR RO: Bathroom that oozes calm harmony – there are many who dream about it. The decor is from Kvik. Photo: Producer

Here it is just to settle down

ROUND FORMER: There have long been a lot of square washings, now it becomes more of the round shapes. Photo: Producer

Here it is just to settle down

BLACK WASHER: Black sinks are about to take Norwegian baths. Photo: Producer

Large head showers with hand showers, which also spawn and wellness are something that many want. For a long time, there has been a tendency to choose wall-mounted toilets, but now we see more of the restrooms that go down to the floor. The toilets have also got rounder shapes.

We will also have mirrors as it holds. Many choose cabinets with mirrors and where lighting is integrated. And while the mosaic has thrown on the trunk top in recent years, the tiles are now getting bigger. But by all means – the mosaic is up to date, it does not make sense to renew anything as expensive as bathing whenever there is something new in trend pictures.

Sometimes we have to take the whole bathroom, sometimes we can create a new impression with some simple grips.

Living in less space

One of the reasons for seeing a lot of mirrors is that many live in small space. Thus they want space-saving furniture and interior to free up space.

Here it is just to settle down

LARGE FLIES: Mosaic tiles have long dominated the bathroom, but now the tiles are getting bigger. Furthermore, there are more toilets that go down to the floor. Photo: Producer

Here it is just to settle down

SPA WITH GREAT S: We’ve said it before and say it again: We want a spa bath in the bathroom. This head shower from Korsbakken / Have it in the bathroom gives a sense of the spa. Photo: Producer

– Many live in smaller homes than before. Therefore, it becomes more important with smart solutions that create space and get the mess away. It gives a relaxed feeling in the bathroom, says Siv Elizabeth Egger.

Many people also put on small washbasins and sinks, as well as wall-mounted cabinets. To ensure the order in the bathroom you can fill trays with fine boxes. Nothing is more comfortable than having a good overview of what is found in drawers and cabinets.

New Details

If you want a new bathroom, you do not need to get started from scratch. Some fresh, new details can be all that’s needed to get a modern touch, or a feeling of having a bathroom that’s in the middle of time.

Although the goal is not necessarily to have Norway’s coolest bathroom, it’s a good idea to have a bathroom that is shining, is not it? When it comes to accessories, plexiglas is an important key phrase this season. Bamboo is also something that freshens up and gives a modern touch. Otherwise, chrome is a butcher, according to Lene Vestrum.

Here it is just to settle down

SATS ON GAMES: Because many people live small, it’s extra important to think about good space utilization and mirror cabinets are both practical and fine. Photo: Kristian Krebs

Here it is just to settle down

SMART STORAGE: Ensure drawers with plenty of space. If you live in a small place, it’s alfa and omega with good storage possibilities. Photo: Producer

Some new, colorful boxes, a new shower curtain, a new and good bath mat you can put your feet on – and some new wellness products are a fast way to renew. With some little grip you are there, you too.

The interior trends we believe in

Everything about bath

Here it is just to settle down

SMALL AND GOOD: It’s not helpful to follow trends to the point and dot in the bathroom, it would be expensive in the long run. But small things can quickly be replaced and give a new and exciting expression. The Pleasant Holder is from Nomess, while the wellness products are from Photo: Manufacturers

Here it is just to settle down

CHANGE CHANGE: A new shower nest from City Nord puts the dot on the i-one. Photo prints are in time like never before. Photo: Producer

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