Here is the world’s smallest hotel

In Kirkenes is probably the world’s smallest hotel.

Here is the world's smallest hotel

Here is the world's smallest hotel

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Here is the world's smallest hotel

The house is made of solid steel

Here is the world's smallest hotel

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It is not necessarily the size of the hotel that determines whether the stay is memorable.

Luxury experiences can also be obtained without the design bathroom and king size bed.

The hotel in Kirkenes is described as the world’s smallest hotel.

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The Finnish architect Sami Rintala was invited to create a piece of art in the Church of the Barents Art Triennal 2005.

He chose to build this small hotel.

I thought sailors, hunters and people traveling through the city could need a place to stay that was not expensive, says the architect in an email to Click. no.

The challenge was that the construction should be completed in ten days.

Here is the world's smallest hotel

Therefore, it was built little, and without unnecessary spotlight and decoration.

Here is the world's smallest hotel

However, it was important for the architect to bind the building to the surroundings, with large windows that create belonging to nature outside. .

In keeping with the simple style, the ceiling is covered with roofing board.


The wall of the city towards the city is characterized by a large H. This is how the hotel differs from other buildings in the area.

The hotel has a total area of ​​22 square meters, spread over two levels, with a lobby and two bedrooms.


The building is unheated when there are no guests there. Then the entire hotel is heated by a wood stove.

The interior is white, to reflect the most light. The exterior is brown-brown to absorb the most possible solar heat and to melt into the environment.

Here is the world's smallest hotel

The location is right by the sea, on the pier in the harbor of Kirkenes.

Here is the world's smallest hotel

The building is closed on three sides and opens onto the Barents Sea with large windows.


The hotel was completed in ten days, with the help of three architectural students. Three minutes before opening it was clear.

– The work was originally temporary and the hotel would actually be demolished after a while, says the architect. “But for some reason, the municipality has left it.

If you wish to stay at the hotel, please contact the company Pikene on the bridge.

However, you must wait until next summer if you can look out over the Barents Sea from the mini-hotel.

The hotel was built to last for two years, so it needs maintenance, says Luba Kuzovnikova in the girls on the bridge.

– We have made a new foundation and will repair the roof so the hotel is ready for visit next season, she says to Click. no.

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Here is the world's smallest hotel

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