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Here is the country’s most expensive cabins

Sirdal municipality outside Stavanger had the highest square meter price last year.

Here is the country's most expensive cabins

The annual analysis of the cabin market in the mountain, which the Real Estate Association’s Association (Eff) has developed by TNS Gallup, shows a big difference in the cottage and housing market.

In 2011, a rise in prices for ordinary housing was 8 per cent, while on holiday properties a flat price trend. The number of units sold has also decreased by 19 per cent compared with the previous year.

It is therefore the buyer’s market in the mountains.

But in the analysis, it is especially a place that stands out – and it is Sirdal. A municipality considered by many as the most attractive area near the Stavanger region.

Here the cabins had the country’s highest square meter price last year with a total of 29. 054 kroner.

The reason may be more but good wage levels and increased purchasing power in the Stavanger region, explains some of the price developments.

Here is the country's most expensive cabins

FOR SALE: Cottage in Tjørhom near Sirdal. Primary room 176 sqm. Bedroom 5. Year built 2007. Price estimate 6. 750. 000. Photo: Real Estate Brokerage / Dan Serigstad

Newly built cabins

According to local brokers, there are also many newly built cabins in Sirdal – and new cabins are naturally more expensive than older cabins.

Broker Frank Wetteland in Real Estate Brokerage currently has a cabin at Tjørhom at Sirdal for sale. Primary room 176 square meters and with a price proposition of 6. 750. 000 kroner.

He tells to Cabinet. No that the interest in cabins in Sirdal has increased markedly in recent years.

The cabins are big and nice, but we also have great ski slopes and resorts that draw people here, he explains..

Flat development

Here is the country's most expensive cabins

MORE FOR SALE: Trysil was the single municipality where the most cottages were sold last year. The picture shows a cabin for sale in Trysilfjellet at the moment. Primary room 188 sqm with 7 bedrooms. Price estimate 4. 900. 000 kroner. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

But it is the generally flat price development on the mountain that shines through the brokerage industry’s annual mountain hut analysis.

Here is the country's most expensive cabins

These cabins gave click-bonanza in 2011

– For several of Norway’s most popular winter sports venues, both the number of cottages and prices dropped in 2011, Leif J. The song in Eff, when the report was released this month.

The explanation for the overall decline is the sum of the total supply of cottages and holiday homes.

High range

Number of published huts on Finn. no also confirms the high supply. In 2011, 5744 holiday homes were published on FINN, against 5276 ads in 2010.

This is an increase of nine percent, and the highest number of cottage ads ever published.

However, the increase in the number of published ads shows interest in the Norwegian cab market.

The well-known winter sports resorts dominate both the sales statistics and the price barometer.

In 2011, 103 holiday homes were sold in Trysil, the highest number in a single municipality. Here the square meter price ended at 21 099 kroner.

The highest average price per holiday home is in Hemsedal with 2. 647. NOK 000 with a square meter price of NOK 25 451.

Then follow Øyer municipality where Hafjell is located. But no-one will hit the square meter price in Sirdal with 29. 054 kroner.

Here is the country's most expensive cabins

HIGH PRICES: The highest average price per holiday home is in Hemsedal with 2. 647. 000 kroner. The picture shows a cabin in Hemsedal, Golf Alpin. Primary room 109 sqm. 3 bedrooms. Construction year 2011. Price estimate 3. 900. 000 kroner. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

The country’s most expensive cottage in 2011 was also sold in Trysil for 8. 600. 000 kroner.

Here is the country's most expensive cabins

Here the majority of Norwegians dream about buying a cottage

So far this year, the country’s most expensive cottage is sold at Skeikampen for 11. 800. 000 kroner, according to Eff.

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