Here is Oslo’s coolest construction

Buildings recommended by international press and Norwegian experts.

Here is Oslo's coolest construction

Norwegian architecture is increasingly found in foreign magazines and websites.

Among other things, British Wallpaper has been enthusiastic for Norwegian architects.

We have taken a look at what buildings in Oslo are attractive in the eyes of foreign media.

In addition, we have asked Pia Bodahl in Norsk Form about what buildings she believes is particularly exciting in Oslo.

Here are the ones we have picked out:


In such an overview, it becomes impossible to get outside of the Opera.

According to Pia Bodahl, Communications Manager in the Norwegian Form, this building has created an awakening in the awareness of Oslo’s architecture.

The Opera was voted the world’s best cultural building in 2008.

It was designed by the now-known Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta, and is located in Bjørvika, where also the new Munch Museum and Deichmann will be built.

The building is portrayed in the paper edition of the British design and lifestyle wallpaper Wallpaper.

– There has been a lot after the Opera. The city has got an architectural pride, and politicians seem to have become more aware of the importance of architecture. Oslo is on its way in terms of architecture, says Bodahl.

Mortensrud Church

The church was designed in the late 1990s by the architectural firm Jensen&Skodvin, and was built in the early 2000s.

Mortensrud Church is richly described, among other things, in the American architecture site ArchDaily and in Wallpaper’s Oslo guide..

The church is also premiered several times, both for its building technique and for its architecture.

The build-up magazine calls the church an architectural event. “Jensen and Skodvin Architects Office have designed a church that will marvel and delight all visitors”, they write on their webpages.

Dance House

Here is Oslo's coolest construction

Mortensrud Church in Oslo, Jensen and Skodvin Architects. Photo: Jan Olav Jensen

The project is a collaboration between LPO architects and Snøhetta Architectural Office.

Here is the interior of an old industrial hall, the end of the interior, and transformed into the country’s national dance scene.

The conversion was nominated for Designers Saturdays award for best interior in 2009, but in competition with the Opera, among others, they did not quite get up.

“Inside is all surfaces upgraded, with a soberness that preserves the original feel. The materials in the interior give a precise and modern expression that clarifies the difference between old and new, “writes Designers Saturday about the dance house.


In 2003 all the central museums for art, design and architecture were merged with the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.

Here is Oslo's coolest construction

DANSEN’S HOUSE: The house of the dance has become within the shell of an old machine hall located along Akerselva on the volcano at Grünerløkka in Oslo. Photo: Torbjørn Tandberg

Architecture got its own museum building in connection with the former Norges Bank complex at Bankplassen.

A new pavilion was built in the garden of the old bank building, designed by Norway’s foremost architect, Sverre Fehn.

The building is among other things featured in the

New Holmenkollen

The building is renowned for its budget spells in record size, but the new Holmenkollen ski jump is still one of Oslo’s clearest signal buildings when it’s finished spring 2010.

The tower and the hill were designed by the Danish architectural office Julien de Smedt Architects.

Here is Oslo's coolest construction

ARCHITECTURE MUSEUM: Photo: Morten Thorkildsen

The new Holmenkollbakken is featured in the English architectural design-build network.


In the past, this was a sad harbor area with cranes and an office building at the edge of the quayside. Now it is about to turn into a vibrant city with apartment complexes, office buildings, shops and eateries.

The main architect for the entire area, completed in 2014, is Niels Torp AS.

Kristin Jarmund Architects have designed one of the office buildings.

Here is Oslo's coolest construction

WINDSCREEN: The hill has 10 meter high windshields that will make the jumpers around 50 percent of the wind. Photo: Drawing: JDS Architects

This is featured on the website archdaily.

Here is Oslo's coolest construction

Tjuvholmen, architect Kristin Jarmund. Photo: Espen Grønlie

Among other things, they write the following about the entire Tjuvholmen development: “Tjuvholmen, on Oslo’s fjordside, now transforms into an urban area in the forefront of architectural development. It contains offices, homes, shops, hotels and a Renzo Piano-designed museum of modern art. “

Architecture and Design College

The architects and industrial designers got their own building in 2001 when they moved into new premises on the banks of Akerselva. Previously, they had lived in each of their buildings.

The building, housed in a former industrial area from the 30s, was designed by architect architect Jarmund Vigsnæs Architects.

Archdaily architecture site has featured the building.

The plan is for the school to become part of a campus for art education.

University Library

Here is Oslo's coolest construction

Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Previously, this library was located in downtown Oslo, at Solli plass. In 1998 it was moved to the University of Blindern. It was designed by the architects Telje Torp Aasen (who has now shut down after over 40 years behind the drawing boards).

The building is actually named Georg Sverdrup’s house, named after the first university librarian.

The Information Office for Color and Interior (IFI) writes, among other things, the following about the library: “The new building stands out among the brick building buildings in the university area with a stylish, glass-built and black polished labrador (larvikite, stone with special skimmer).

Oslo International School

This is one of two buildings on this list, geographically located just outside Oslo’s borders, but according to Bodahl, Olso International School still describes and describes Oslo’s architectural development over the past twenty years.

Here is Oslo's coolest construction

Architecture and Design College Photo: Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects

On the website of the American Institute of Architects, the school is referred to as an energetic presence in the neighborhood.

Here is Oslo's coolest construction

UNIVERSITY LIBRARY: Drawn by Telje Torp Aasen. Photo: Tor Richardsen / Scanpix

“Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects transform a tired 1960s school into a vibrant learning environment”, they write among other things.

Oslo Airport

The other building Norsk Form and Pia Bodahl believes should be included, and located just outside Oslo, Oslo Airport.

The building was commissioned in 1998 by the architects Narud Stokke Wiig, Niels Torp, Skaarup&Jespersen and Hjellnes Cowi, with Gudmund Stokke as principal architect.

The Guardian presented the airport among what they believe is the world’s premier airport architecture.

The newspaper’s architect writer writes that Oslo Airport was a revelation, among other things with its “spotless toilets”.

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Here is Oslo's coolest construction

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Here is Oslo's coolest construction

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