Here is Norway’s finest hotel

Winning hotel at Norefjell.

Here is Norway's finest hotel

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Here is Norway's finest hotel

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Here is Norway's finest hotel

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Here is Norway's finest hotel

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Among the nominees for the award for Norway’s best interior 2011 there were a broker assembly projects:

A restaurant, a grocery store and a prison, but the first place went to a hotel on Norefjell.

At Quality Spa & Resort Norefjell you can literally bathe in innovative interior details.

Here is Norway's finest hotel

Timeless details: In the lobby you will experience the size of the building. The ceiling height is seven meters. Here we see a French chandelier as a gauntlet. Photo: Quality Spa and Resort Norefjell

It’s very fun to get such recognition, admits interior designer Vigdis Bergh in Inn Design over Bonytt. no. Along with photographer Ole Walter Jacobsen and graphic designer Gina Rose, she has developed a unique hotel identity.

The nominees were chosen from the yearbooks of Norwegian interior designers and furniture designers’ National Association (NIL) in 2010 or 2011, where the design elite has the opportunity to show what they are capable of.

The award ceremony took place under the auspices of the Designers Saturday Awards, organized annually. The jury fell among other things for the international Scandinavian expression, a muted color scheme and an illumination used as part of the scenography.

Here is Norway's finest hotel

LUN HULE: The bathroom at Quality Spa & Resort Norefjell will provide associations to mountain and mountain water, according to interior designer Vigdis Bergh. The bath is black and on the floor is a gray brick. Photo: Quality Spa and Resort Norefjell

The nomination started with a selection of 30 projects; 12 from 2010 and 18 from 2011. At Norefjell they found a distinctly friendly and friendly atmosphere that appeals to many and invites you to relax and relax.

“A hotel without a hotel prank. Internationally, but at the same time both Scandinavian and local character, “the reasoning is stated and the jury believes that the many elements and variations that have been used have been performed with great skill in a comprehensive framework. Quality materials, refined details, subtle and well thought out. An interior that certainly offers many possibilities for contact.

In order to reach the top, the interior design must be dependent on a thorough analysis of needs and good cooperation between the contractor, interior architect, architect and users.

Here is Norway's finest hotel

LOCAL ANIMAL MOTIVES: It is the photographer Ole Walter Jacobsen’s photographs that have been used in the hotel. The motifs are found on chairs, lampshades and as pictures on the walls. A thorough, fictional concept designed specifically for Norefjell. Photo: Quality Spa and Resort Norefjell

Even Vigdis Bergh describes the style as rough, rocky, but warm-and we understand what she means: Materials used are in leather, wool, stone and iron.

You will meet the international cut in the shape of a French chandelier in the lobby. While lamps, fabrics and chairs with forests and animal motifs are to take care of the local expression. The color choices are typically Norwegian: Lyng and moss colors, combined with black and wood.

– I do not want it to be a typical design hotel, but a place with a beautiful personality, explains Vigdis.

Here is Norway's finest hotel

A HOTEL WITHOUT HOTEL PREG: International, but both Scandinavian and local character, it is stated in the jury’s grounds. Photo: Quality Spa and Resort Norefjell

Animal life is represented while color selection is muted. The panel is stained in black. On the floors there are dark ceramic tiles and parquet floors. Some of the walls are painted in gray and purple.

While the large windows should ensure that the hotel is not perceived as dark. It is also the architects Petter Yran and Bjorn Storbraaten who have drawn it 40. 000 square meters of buildings.

You can choose to live in either apartment or hotel room. Quality Resort & Spa Norefjell was also awarded the “Best Norwegian Spa Resort 2010” by the World Travel Awards and won the award “Good Design Award” in 2010.

Here is Norway's finest hotel

RELATED VOTE: A separate ski-in / ski-out solution. Spa and climbing wall. 1.5 hours drive from Oslo and Gardermoen. It will lure people to the mountains. Photo: Quality Spa and Resort Norefjell

Hotel prices are so-called dynamic. That is, prices vary from high season to low season. A double room with breakfast in November is around 1500 kroner. More information can be found at: choicehotels. no.

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Here is Norway's finest hotel

IN JURY SAT: Lene Nepper Larsen, Architect, Rambøll Denmark. Rannveig Getz, interior designer, NIL’s representative. Kriss Daatland, editor of Bonytt. Carl Erik Krefting, partner in Søylen Eiendom AS. Lars Elton, Elton, journalism & criticism, editor NIL’s yearbook. The winners are picked from a selection of approx. 100 interiors presented in the yearbooks of Norwegian Interior Architects and Furniture Designers Association (NIL) from 2010 and 2011. Photo: Quality Spa and Resort Norefjell

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Here is Norway's finest hotel

SKOGSDRØM: The jury fell for the Scandinavian expression with a local characteristic. In the bedrooms this may be best seen. Photo: Quality Spa and Resort Norefjell


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