Here is Norway’s finest building

The winners range from a toilet building to an odd to a jewelry box in the center of Oslo.

Here is Norway's finest building

Here is Norway's finest building

SCHOOLS: The jury believes that the outskirts of Gjerdrum youth school have high quality for varied use. Photo: Jiri Havran

Here is Norway's finest building

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Here is Norway's finest building

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Here is Norway's finest building

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Here is Norway's finest building

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The Housing Bank annually allocates the State Building Cost Prize to “construction and built environments that, through construction, material use design and interaction with place and environment, can contribute to raising, renewing and developing the general building industry” as it is mentioned on the website’s prices.

This year’s winner is Gjerdrum Youth School.

– We think we have had a beautiful new school, and both students and teachers are immersed and inspired by the advanced architecture, “says the school principal, Anne Gunhild Wøllo, to Click. no.

She tells us that the user involvement in the winning project was excellent.

– Both employees, students, parents and many teams and associations in the village gave us valuable input during the march.

“Architects and builder here have done an impressive job,” comments municipal and regional minister Liv Signe Navarsete in a press release.

Djerv Architect Winner

– Gjerdrum Youth School is a very worthwhile winner, and an example that radical architecture can slip into a community and be loved and well received there, “says Erling Dokk Holm.

He believes that the school also contributes to the infrastructure of the village.

– That the 17-Maitoget has moved here is an expression that this project has become a community-building.

Location-forming architecture

The school building is well situated in the flat countryside.

– This is not a customization architecture that tries to mimic the surroundings, but on the other hand, independent, location-building architecture. This is a very successful building. And it also scored high on the environmental and energy aspects, elaborates the jury chairman.

Jewel Box

Nearly seventy buildings were knifeed for the year’s construction cost.

The two projects that came closest to the winner and received honorable mention were the office building Lysaker Park and the Teachers’ House, also called the Jewelry Box.

– These two and the other contributions also had a high architectural level. The teachers’ house stands out among other things with an incredible facade. It is perhaps the most intelligent facade of a building built here in the last five years, says Dokk Holm.

It is about a glass front in a traditional urban environment in which the surroundings are reflected.

– This is a living form of adaptation that includes the entire range, and we think that in the jury it was absolutely amazing. In addition, the façade is decorated with letters, almost like a work of art. Otherwise, this house is very energy efficient and has exquisite details in the interior, explains jury chairman Dokk Holm.

sky level

Dokk Holm believes no other large Norwegian office buildings are on par with Lysaker Park.

– It is quite special that a so-called project is being made. Inside, everything with light and acoustics is outstanding and the building is adapted to the needs of all types of user groups. This is high-class interior architecture, and there are not many, big Norwegian companies that have such an interior.

Everything functional and implemented with quite a few tools. Builder Storebrand also fulfilled his great ambitions for an energy-efficient building. They have gone further than the building regulations say you must.

– It’s incredibly good and says something about the company’s business ethics.

The winner

Gjerdrum youth school.

Here is Norway's finest building

INSPIRING: Gjerdrum Youth School is a bold building that eavesdropping what architecture is in 2010. The jury believes this project is extremely successful and shows how our building industry can be renewed. Photo: Jiri Havran

Architect: Kristin Jarmund Architects As

Landscape Architect: Østengen & Bergo As

Builder: Gjerdrum municipality

Jury’s foundation: Gjerdrum youth school is something for everyone. It manifests itself in the vast open agricultural landscape by a thorough, deeper form.

Jewel Box

The teachers’ house, also called the jewelery shine, shines around the surroundings and receives honorable mention.

Architect: Architect Architects

Here is Norway's finest building

THE JEWELRY: The artistic facades of the Teacher’s House have called it the Jewelery, reflecting the other houses in the area. Photo: Jiri Havran

Landscape Architect: Trifolia Landscape Architects DA

Artists: Jorunn Sannes & May Bente Aaronsen

Builder: Educational Federation

Judge Foundation: The teachers’ house is honored for its very good architectural qualities. The building adds, amongst other things, a jewelery of a facade that reflects the conservative surroundings.

Lysaker Park

The large office building raises high in both the interior and the environment and gets a glorious mention.

Architect: Link Signature AS.

Landscape Architect: Link Landscape As.

Here is Norway's finest building

exemplary:. The jury believes that Storebrand’s commercial building Lysaker Park may be a model for many others. It has high availability for all types of users, environmental friendliness and great interior architecture. Photo: Jiri Havran

Builder: Storebrand Real Estate

Judgment of the jury: This is a project for industrial buildings for environmentally friendly materials, good energy solutions and adaptation to all types of user groups.

A brave construction project

Egenes Park, the largest wooden block in Europe adapts to the townhouse building around.

Architects: HLM Architecture and ONIX.

Landscape Architect: Riss Landskap AS.

Builder: Svein Aase

Here is Norway's finest building

MASSIV: Own Park is the largest massive block in Europe. Photo: Jiri Havran

Judgment of the jury: Own Park is a brave construction project. The housing and kindergarten complex in the middle of the wooden town in Stavanger is the largest massive block in Europe. The resort is the tipasset of the surrounding detached house in a convincing way.

Environmentally friendly detached houses

Homes that are looking forward

Architect: Eder Biesel Architects

Landscape Architect: Schønherr Landscape

Builder: Base Property

Jury’s foundation: The Marilund project is a good example of a concentrated and environmentally friendly single-family development. Here is the high architectural quality and design pleasure in the design.

Attractive architecture

Here is Norway's finest building

LEKENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL PLEASE: Marilunden houses have an architectural, playful profit. The houses have low energy consumption and environmentally friendly materials. Photo: Jiri Havran.

The rugged cabin architecture attracts holiday culture.

Architect: Pir II Architectural Office AS

Builder: Torild Langklopp and Roar Svenning

Jury’s reasoning: Stokkøya seafront is an exceptionally good example of site development. Through the architecture, the plant has become an attraction in the region.

Sculptural qualities

The kiosk and toilet enclosure is an exciting design shape out of the way.

Architects: Solbjør Arkitektur & Element Arkitekter.

Here is Norway's finest building

HOUSE MARKET: With its special architecture, the cabins on Stokkøya and an adjacent bar have become an attraction. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Landscape Architects: Bjørbekk and Lindheim

Builder: Bærum Municipality & Fornebu Service Development

The jury’s reasoning: The high-rise service building is a building with sculptural qualities with a site-building value for the beach it lies.

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Here is Norway's finest building

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