Here is Norway’s coolest house

“Little in size, but great personality,” says the jury.

Here is Norway's coolest house

We asked readers to submit the house they thought was the coolest. Either their own, or maybe the neighbor?

Contributions came in, and now the jury has voted its favorite. And here’s the jury’s reasoning:

“The small house in Oslo is small in size but has great personality and charm. In this house we find a lot of Norwegian people. The simple can often be the best.

The jury also finds it fun to see how the owners take care of the soul of the old house while renewing their interior with modern interior. “

In the jury, the editorial bosses for Bonytt, Rom123 and click residence.

Hilde Billington is the owner of the house and thinks it was a great asset to win.

– Had never believed it in the company of the other fine candidates. Just winning in itself was very big, but the prize is also amazing, she says.

– What are you doing with the prize?

– Most preferably, I would have used the prize to paint the house in a different color than it is now, such as brown black with white karma or blue. But in respect of the neighbors and the street, where all the houses are old and also have the same colors as ours, it will probably be this time too. But I think I’ll paint it a bit more white than it is now, she says.

Here you can see the other contributions.

The winner receives paint from Fl├╝gger Color for a value of 10,000 kroner.

See more photos of the house on this blog.

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