Here is a man, not a hobbit

Some houses do not look like they are inhabited by humans.

Here is a man, not a hobbit

The flavor is like the back and there are a number of different styles within architecture. But not all styles are as easy to match.

What should you think of houses where the architect has gone in to stop and react whenever you see it? Read on and make up your mind about these houses.

Home at Hobbiten?

While homes that hide in nature are very popular with some, there are just as many people who would not like to live like that at all. For some, it simply reminds you of a lot of tusses, trolls and more specifically the author Tolkien’s fictional creature, Hobbiten.

The house in the picture at the top of the case, as well as the picture below is called on the people just for the Hobbit house. The picture below is not from the movie set to the Hobbiten movie, but from the self-constructed home of Simon Dale. You will find the house in Wales in the UK, and it should be mentioned that Dale is particularly concerned with environmentally friendly architecture.

– It was built by myself and my father-in-law using passers-by and visiting friends. The house was built with maximum consideration for the environment and it gives us a unique opportunity to stay close to nature, writes Dale on his website, describing the construction process in detail.

Here is a man, not a hobbit

RIGHT: In such housing, there should be great chances of feeling like one with nature. Photo:

Here is a man, not a hobbit

PUSSIG: Not exactly the house that invites to a barbecue on the terrace. But eye-catching is that. Photo:

This house makes you sea sick

The log cabin in the picture above is another example of architecture that is not so easy to pass in silence.

The cabin was built in 2006 by philanthropist and businessman Daniel Czapiewski. It was built in Szymbark in Poland as an artistic commentary on the former Communist regime in the country and the effect that such a regime had on the Poles.

Tourists who visit the building report mild water sickness and dizziness after a short period of time.

Stay in a conch

Another conspicuous building whose construction, like the Hobitt house, is at least partially environmentally friendly, is The Conch Shell House, located on the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

The architect behind is called Eduardo Ocampo. His brother, the artist Octavio Campo, owns and lives in the house for much of the year. Are you looking for vacation homes abroad, maybe this house is your interest, because in periods of the year it is rented out.

The Conch Shell House is based on concrete and is otherwise built from recycled materials with the intention that residents should feel as if they are in a conch. It includes 180 degrees ocean views from all the windows, the living room has round shapes and the bathroom on the second floor has cranes of coral and handrails of conch.

Here is a man, not a hobbit

URGENTLY: The Conch Shell House is designed to look like a conch. Photo:

Here is a man, not a hobbit

FOR RENT: You can find out exactly how it feels like staying in The Conch Shell House. Photo:

– Looks like something scratched out of the sea and died

But the sea sickness may return again when you see the picture below. This is a museum dedicated to music history. It’s called the Experience Music Project Museum and is located in Seattle, USA.

It was designed by celebrity architect Frank Gehry and opened in 2000. But the renowned architect, architect, critic Herbert Muschamp described the building as “something that scratched out of the sea, laid back and died” in the New York Times.

Daring mix

You can also mention the National Architects Union Headquarters, located in Bucharest, Romania. It combines old architecture with new architecture, and the result you see in the picture below.

Here is a man, not a hobbit

POPULAR: Well-visited but outdated for appearance: Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, USA. Photo:

What do you think? Creative or nauseous?

Place of Reflection

The picture below is of the church Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik, Iceland. It started in 1945 and finished 38 years later, in 1986. The architect was Guðjón Samuelsson.

The tower is 74.5 meters above the ground, and the architect should have designed the church to remind the lava flowing out of a volcano.

Here is a man, not a hobbit

FINURAL: Something new and something old in discretion, or not fully understood? Photo:

The architecture style is expressionism, which is a sculptural design of the building based on what it will be used for. The question is whether you get religious vibes of this church – or if you remember a source of inspiration for the scenography of Two towers, the middle of the triology of movies about the Lord of the Rings?

A relaxing vacation?

The hotel is named at the popular Crazy House Hotel and is located in Dalat, Vietnam. The female architect is called Hang Nga, and the official name of the building is Hang Nga Guest House. It is claimed that the architect was only able to build in this miserable style in a country that otherwise has strict rules for architectural design because she is the daughter of the country’s former president.

The hotel will imagine a solid wood, with sculptural decorations in the form of different animals, different types of mushrooms, spider webs and caves.

Here is a man, not a hobbit

SKULPTURELL: This church in Reykjavik will remind you of a volcanic lava flow. Photo:

Should scare away evil forces

This small church, which balances down with the church funeral buried in the earth, is now on an indoor muesum in Calgary, Canada. It is an architectural sculpture called Device to Root Out Evil, created by American artist Dennis Oppenheim, in 1997.

It has not been easy to find a place where this Church could be exhibited permanently. New York thanked no. The same did Stanford University California. For a while, the church was exhibited in a Vancouver park in Canada, but because it made strong feelings on the audience, it was moved indoors.

See more pictures of unusual architecture on this blog.

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Here is a man, not a hobbit

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Here is a man, not a hobbit

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