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Here everything is controlled with the iPad

Lead off wires, or remote controls to control all wireless dupedites? Look forward to the close future.

Here everything is controlled with the iPad

Here everything is controlled with the iPad

A CONTROL: This remote control can replace nine of today’s fog switches, lowering both the price and aesthetic unrest in the home. The remote control will be in 2014. Photo: Light Energy

We are getting used to wireless printers, speakers, and other things that make the house cordless. But are you prepared to be able to control all of your house’s features with a few simple keystrokes on your tablet or smartphone?

In early October this year, Lyse Energi launched “Smartly”, which they claim to revolutionize the smart housing market. A small computer is installed in the fuse box. It communicates wirelessly with all switches and sensors in the home. At the same time, all lamp cables are replaced with wireless light switches, panel heaters get wireless switches and the heating cables get fitted thermostat. This allows you to control light, heat and home alarm through one and the same application on the tablet or smartphone.

– This makes the technology invisible, “says Espen Schiager, communications consultant at Lyse Energi, which draws on a number of advantages in the solution.

– If you leave home, you do not have to take the usual night out. You press the go button and light turns off, the heat is lowered and the home alarm is activated. You can have a similar night function in the bedroom. Heat management makes it easy to save money on electricity bills as you easily use the heat when you need it, he says.

Today, only light, heat and alarm have been launched, but new services will come on stream. And the wireless future is infinite.

– The Smartly system can handle many more features in the future, such as media services, sun shade, door locks, water level control in the bathtub, radon monitoring, car charging, etc., says Schiager.

Here everything is controlled with the iPad

SEASON: In the future, such so-called smart apartments can become commonplace. The picture is from Lyse Energi’s demolition. Photo: Light Energy

Manages from all over the world

So far, only Lys’s own employees have tested Smartly. Sales Manager Jan Magnar Gundersen has had the solution since spring 2013. He believes it is a great advantage to be able to control light, heat and alarm via one app, that he can do it from anywhere in the world, as well as direct connection to the fire service. One of the more comfortable benefits is the light control, for example, he can set the light to “movie mode” on the app.

– Then the lights shine in the attic, he says.

In addition, smart exterior doors will come with camera and sound. Then you do not have to leave work to open the plumber.

– More will hide the lines

Interior designer Sophie Elnan Flatval has noted that people want to hide the wires in their homes.

– Wires are dust collectors and tend to lie like spaghetti around and be in the way, she says.

Flatval has worked a lot with lighting in homes and buildings.

– I try to strive for the least possible and shortest possible wires, she says.

Nevertheless, she believes wireless home is not necessary to let go of power.

– If you are planning the interior, the lines do not need to be visible, she says.

Started looking for help for older

The background for Lyse Energi’s smarthuss satsing dates back to 2011 when they began a so-called welfare technology project. There they tested how smart homes could help groups like healthy elderly, elderly with mobility disorders and elderly with initial memory failure. In 2012, they began to look at how these services could be commercialized and now Smartly available on the market, initially in Rogaland. Welfare technology products, which are a slightly more advanced version of Smartly, will be in 2014. They go further, for example, by fire alarm:

– When the smoke detector goes on, the following happens within two seconds: The fire department is notified directly, a fire image is sent to the security company, all lights turn on, blinds are pulled up, the fresh air system shut down, heat sources such as stoves and the like turned off and the outside door locked automatically to facilitate access to the fire service, telling Schiager.

70 percent new TVs are on wireless network

The electrodes also mark the wireless trend.

– Tabletop is the product that changes the user friend most, and as with smart mobile phones and “smart” TVs, the use of wireless networks most increases, “says Trond Samuelsen, Managing Director of Lefdal.

At Lefdal, tablets and smartphones increase by more than 200 percent by 2012, and the proportion of televisions sold wirelessly to the network is now over 70 percent.

It is also possible to have an electrician install smarthust services for you.

Technology journalist skeptical to wireless networks

Vegar Jansen, Technology Journalist in Hardware. No, and with a master’s degree in computer science, is skeptical that the wireless trend of all the house dupedites is better than cable solutions.

– Should I sum up why cable is better, it must be that wired networks are a proven, stable and closed system, while wireless networks are naturally more “aired” – they are affected by everything from walls to microwave ovens and often compete with the neighbor’s surrounding network, which can happily go beyond stability, range and speed, he says.

Espen Schiager in Lyse Energi says, on its own, that cable is not always necessary.

– Wired networks are most stable, and we recommend that our Altibox customers use the wired network when uploading large amounts of data. It is required far from equally large amounts of data to turn light on and off. In addition, the majority of our future customers live in existing homes, and it is untouched for them to recall the entire home again. We use short-wave radio, which is not affected by neighbors and other signals from outside, “he says.

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