Here are the most popular craft casts

There are traditional craftmen who sell.

Here are the most popular craft casts

Today, Norway’s largest trade fair for cottage and holiday home opens at the Norwegian Trade Fair. Here, some of Norway’s largest cottage producers will be ready to showcase their models.

We’ve looked into some of the models that sold well last year, and the picture is unique: Norwegians have a hanging against traditional architecture.

Most of the cabins and apartments in the mountains are sold for the period we are now entering, as well as in September and October. Many holiday villages expect great inspiration at Easter, and a high range of holiday homes means more opportunity to find just your dream cabin.

Popular Models

Saltdalshytta, one of Norway’s largest cottage producers, has five different cabins and a total of 170 models. Among the approximately 400 cabins that were commissioned last year, the Aurora series is the most popular, reports market manager Øyvind Skogvoll in Saltdalshytta.

A contributing reason for its popularity, he thinks is that it was well-marketed on TV2 and various other media because it was the first prize in the Farmen Program 2010.

Same year after year

Here are the most popular craft casts

MIDGARD: This is Rana Hytte’s best selling model. Indicative price building kit 502 800 kroner. Photo: Producer

The Midgard cabin model has been Rana Hyttas bestseller year after year. It was also in 2010. It will be safe also next year.

So we choose the habit. Market Manager Geir Benden in Rana Hytta says that Midgard has been in Rana Hytte’s system for almost 20 years. The success is an angle cabin with several hollow hooks on the terrace.

Do not want to?

Cabin market

Economists and brokers that Hytteliv has been in contact with expects moderate price growth in 2011 and manufacturing companies claim they have put the financial crisis behind. The annual analysis from the Real Estate Association (EFF) shows a stable price development for mountain cabins.

Here are the most popular craft casts

AURORA: Aurora 994A was Saltdalshytta’s most selling model in 2010. 768 000 to 798 500 kroner for the elementary building system, depending on where the country is to be delivered. Photo: Producer

The average price for a mountain cabin is now 1. 705. 000 kroner , a one percent increase from 2009.

Visits from Finn also show increased cottage interest.

Last year, on average 15 per cent more users were in the area “Vacation Homes for Sale”.

And in 2010, 5276 holiday homes were published, against 4917 ads in 2009. This is an increase of seven percent.

Here are the most popular craft casts

FEMUND: One of the most popular models for Norgeshus is Femund. A traditional hut with two side wings. From 1 501 965 kroner. Photo: Producer

– The choices are not particularly sparse, says cottage researcher Finn Arne Jørgensen. The models are neither super modern nor particularly innovative.

– But that’s not the point, it’s tradition that’s in focus. Nevertheless; It is interesting to record that so few dreams of distinguishing itself year after year, he adds.

Technical Drawing

A technical designer who listens to the cabin owners needs is the success recipe, according to the cabin company Familiehytta.

Here are the most popular craft casts

SOLEI: This was the model Solhytten sold most of in 2010. Price for the building set is 552 300 kroner. Photo: Producer

They have grown sharply in recent years, and it started with the general manager Torbjørn Kaarud himself scribbling a cabin on a sheet. Then a technical drawer took a step further.

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Here are the most popular craft casts

SKARET: This was the most popular Rindalshytter model. 568 000 kroner as a building contractor in a building set, 646 000 kroner in spatial building kit. Photo: Producer

Here you will find the coolest interior pictures

See the cabin before and after

Remove bad odor, pour out cooking oil

Here are the most popular craft casts

FH 81 OSEN: This was the model family cabin sold the most in 2010. About 58 such models were delivered last year. The price for the building set is 449,000 kroner. Photo: Producer

Here are the most popular craft casts

HOLMSBU: This was the most popular model for Drammen Hus & Hytter AS. Approximately NOK 833,000 was completed. Photo: Producer


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