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Here apartment prices rise most in Norway

Drammen in the wind again.

Here apartment prices rise most in Norway

Housing prices for February were 0.5 per cent higher than in January 2012. Corrected for seasonal variations, prices were unchanged from last month.

Prices are now 7 percent higher than February 2011. Price growth is almost identical to all housing types.

It shows figures that the brokerage industry released last week.

Following a sharp rise in prices in January, a blow is now seeing.

At the same time, the statistics show a somewhat differentiated market, and it is especially one city that stands out.

Drammen has experienced a sharp rise in house prices in recent years. Last month, prices rose by 1.1 per cent for apartments. It is mostly in the country.

The last three years – from February 2009 to February 2012 – the square meter price of apartments has increased from 20. 000 to 28. 800 kroner.

It is an increase of 44 per cent in three years.

Here apartment prices rise most in Norway

FOR SALE: Penthouse in Engene Park. 2 garages. Primary room 122 sqm. Bedroom 4. 72 sqm roof terraces. Price estimate 5. 490. 000 kroner. Photo: Krogsveen / Zentuvo

Good apartment project

Here apartment prices rise most in Norway

These homes increase the most in 2012

Broker and lawyer Morten S. Helgerud in Krogsveen praises Drammen municipality towards Bonytt. no.

They’ve really taken hold of. Drammen is no longer perceived as a crossroads, but a beautiful city by the river. And it’s just eleven you’ve managed to build a brand around. In addition, beautiful modern apartment projects have been built that have been successful. Bragernes Strand, Union Brygge and Engene Park are all examples of new living environments that have raised the city up and down, Helgerud explains..

At the same time, he notices that there is an increasing number of visitors who have an address in Oslo. This was not the case before.

– Girls from Drammen who hit boys in Oslo earlier moved rarely back. We see more of this now.

And although the rise in prices has been strong, it is still far from Oslo prices.

– We notice that the apartment market in Oslo is under pressure. This helps Drammen get into the picture. People are experiencing a lot more value, Helgerud continues.

Here apartment prices rise most in Norway

FOR SALE: Apartment on Union Brygge in Drammen with 2 balconies and garage. Main room 90 sqm. 2 bedrooms. Price estimate 4. 100. 000 kroner. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

– At the moment he has Drammen’s most expensive apartment for sale, located in Engene Park. A top floor of 122 square meters with a price proposition 5. 490. 000 kroner.

Here apartment prices rise most in Norway

Will avoid closing prices

Inflation in prices

Single areas with the largest cities in the front still have a pressured market, some dissemination times (how quickly homes are sold) in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim show with 14, 15 and 17 days respectively.

Director of the Norwegian Real Estate Association, Christian Vammervold Dreyer says to Bonytt. In spite of strong growth in some cities, the brokerage industry now detects a more normalized price trend.

– The figures show that there is still high turnover, which again shows that people are safe for their own finances, but we believe in a healthy outflow in prices ahead.

Still Pull

Average dissemination time for the entire country was 30 days in February. This is one day less than January 2012, and three days faster than February 2011.

Here apartment prices rise most in Norway

FOR SALE: Townhouse apartment in townhouse quarter with roof terrace in Drammen. Primary room 109 sqm. Price estimate 3. 690. 000 kroner. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

Housing prices rose by 0.5 per cent from January to February.

Here apartment prices rise most in Norway

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Average sales price for resale homes so far in 2012 is 2. 926. 000 kroner, an increase of 4.4 per cent from the average price for 2011 as a whole, according to Norway’s Real Estate Brokerage Association.

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