Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

The special landscape of Jomfruland requires simple and clean lines. The choice of materials became obvious – wood and pebble.

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

This is the same cabin

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

Newly Renovated Traditional Cabin

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

This cabin never needs to beiss

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

The cabin became new to 50. 000

The pebble cottage was built in 1961, but was taken over by the new owners in 2002, who lived there for a couple of years without doing anything about it.

That it should be rehabilitated and expanded, there was no doubt, but we wanted to live it in before we decided what to do, they say.

– We quickly discovered that it was located correctly. When the sea is raging and waves and wind blows inward of the island, it is well laid for the throws.

While the cabins further up on the island must withstand the spray of spray, the pebble cabin is completely free.

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

BUILDING: The cottage was originally 40 square meters and built in the pebble, but was expanded in 2002 with an extension of wood and is now about 100 square meters. Photo: Jon Halvorsen

Towards the Sea

The cottage was originally 42 square meters and lay on the southeastern and hardy side of the island, almost reproduced by knotted and sprawling vegetation and without electricity and water and after many years of decay it was in a sad constitution.

– The cottage was very rustic, smiling the owners. “Here we needed both rehabilitation and new thinking. In addition, it was really the smallest for a family of four. On the other hand, it had a fantastic sea position.

Helpful Guide

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

LUN HOOK: In the transition between old and new parts, it has become a thin hook, sheltered from the weather. Photo: Jon Halvorsen

The owners wanted to preserve the shape of the pavement cabins and facade and add an extension.

After some meetings and sketch proposals, the new cabin began to take shape.

– We all agreed that the architecture of the new cabin should be seen in conjunction with the special landscape at Jomfruland. There could not be any flashy cabin. Tomta demanded simple clean lines and the whole had to be diminished and natural, says architect Sigurd Bothner who added the sign.

Much had to be replaced

However, the old cottage was in bad condition. It was necessary to change both the floor and the ceiling. The walls had to be insulated for winter and the old fireplace was dismantled.

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

AIR: The new section has got panoramic windows, and the decor is airy and simple. The cylindrical fireplace provides good warmth for gentle evenings. Photo: Jon Halvorsen

In addition, it was also uncertain whether the walls would withstand the load of a new, insulating roof.

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

Photo: Ill. : Architect Sigurd Bothner

Hytte Jomfruland

Location: Virgin Islands:

Year built: 1961 and 2003/2004

Area: 100 m2

Architect: Sigurd Bothner

Entrepreneur: Per Høymyr AS

With expert guidance from the architect and with a skilled entrepreneur, it nevertheless remained resolved.

On an axis parallel to the sea, there is now a bathroom, dining room, kitchen, common room and bedroom.

The living room is located in an adjacent building, perpendicular to the axis and pushed forward to draw the panoramic view.

Location Adjustment

– Location matching is a keyword when it comes to the design, says the architect. “It was also important with good outdoor spaces that have views, lights and shelter for the wind.

Today the cabin is 100 square meters.

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

MONTHLY: In order to further draw the light into the living room there is a glass dome in the ceiling. The downlights create a nice effect when it’s dark or noisy outside. Photo: Jon Halvorsen

Harmonic and Functional

The decor is simple, open and functional.

In the living room there is a cylindrical wood burning stove with a long pipe rack up to the ceiling.

On each side of the fireplace there is a clear view through large insulating glass windows.

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

STEINGRÅTT: The owners spent time finding the right kitchen. They wanted something that tumbled down the wood and decided on one with high-gloss, rocky fronts. Photo: Jon Halvorsen

The bedrooms are small, compact and functional and contain exactly what you need in a full cabin.

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

SCREEN: Location customization has been a main focus in the design. Photo: Jon Halvorsen

The kitchen is centrally located with one entrance to the sea and one towards the forest.

Outside the forest entrance, an outdoor kitchen has been set up for the grove work when preparing fish and other self-seafood..

– We are very pleased with the result. The desire for a rugged, airy and harmonious building that fits well into the terrain has now become a reality, describing the owners.

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Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

OPEN LINES: Two large windows on either side of the junction give light to the dining room and the living room. Photo: Jon Halvorsen


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