Harry Hole was born in this old stable

The horses and Harry Hole have checked out. Now the stable is a home for an urban family.

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

In the middle of Oslo, a big spearhead from the Bislett stadium, there is a secret house, sheltered for the outside world. The buildings around the house protect the building as a fortress.

The old building was originally a stall. Old day’s garage.

But it’s been a long time since the horses were checked out. The last owner of the stable was Jo Nesbø, and this was his writing room. Harry Holes birthplace.

The house obviously used to create crime in the world’s top. But in order for it to also be a frame for the life of a small family, the space solution had to change. In addition, residents felt to fix the aesthetics.

There was pine everywhere, but here it was not a matter of just shining the yellowed pine boards.

In keeping with the currents of time, residents wanted to expose the structure and highlight the old materials; beams and bricks. In addition, they wanted to add some new items.

The couple left the job to the pros. Johanne Taugbøl and Christian Fredrik Morgenstierne from WOOD Architecture + Design got a big action room.

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

ESTABLISHED PROPERTY: The converted stable building is surrounded by tall townhouses in the center of Oslo. In conjunction with The renovation was both the window frames and the doors painted black. Photo: Espen Grønli

Priority volume above area

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

Made a little bit even smaller

The architects got the impression of more ideas that were not quite in the day. One of the grips was to sacrifice several square meters to create a large, airy stairway and thus tie the floors together. The solution also helps to increase the incidence of daylight – not insignificant in a house where daylight mainly comes from windows placed on two surfaces: the facade and the ceiling.

– No.. One could have had a sitting room here instead, but we believe that you got bigger and better qualities by opening up and growing the volume. You get so quickly suspended in square meters, and forget about values ​​like space sensation and lightning.

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

ARCHITECT PARTIES: Christian Fredrik Morgenstierne and Johanne Taugbøl are partners in the company Wood A + D. Photo: Espen Grønli

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

OPEN BETWEEN ETASJEN: The staircase is larger than necessary. Some floor areas were forsaken to increase light and air velocity. Photo: Espen Grønli

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

LEADERS SHOULD OPPOVER: The staircase between the hall and the room connects the floors together, too visually. The cloak in cedar and The moped lights from Muuto help whip out the floor of the floor. Photo: Espen Grønli

The fact that there were skylights here initially was crucial for the stable to work well for people too, the architects believe.

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

You never guess what Johanne has been into the kitchen sink

– The skylights bring in lots of great lights and are completely unattended. We made a generous opening between the floors so that both the room and the hall benefit from the windows along the façade.

Staircase and kitchen in one

Another prudence was to put the kitchen interior under the stairs. Or should they say that they put the stairs on top of the kitchen? The grip is not only space efficient, it is also a visual element that adds a special feature to the special house..

Semi-detached bedroom

The fastest solution is found in the bedroom. The games we recognize from the stairs run again here too. But this time they are perceived as a hybrid element, a kind of cross between garment, furniture and gelender.

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

OVERLIGHT WITHOUT INNSYN: The room is equipped with daylight from the windows in the roof. The kitchen is from Kvik, the Square S 2 pendulum lamps and the Birdie wall lamps are from SM Lys. Photo: Espen Grønli

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

KITCHEN CARD: The converted stables are packed with original solutions. The staircase leading up to the mezzanine houses appliances such as a fridge, oven and steam oven. Photo: Espen Grønli

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

OPERATING EATBOARD: The table is designed by interior designer Elisabeth Bjørge, and is made of teak from a carved cruise ship. The seat-bench seat along the short wall also serves as a storage space for plates and other movables. Photo: Espen Grønli

The bed is placed where it is low under the ceiling. How to use the volume best.

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

In this Oslo apartment, all walls are gray

– We wanted to create a sense of heaven. The low ceiling height above the bed contributes to this feeling, Johanne explains.

Even residents say they have the feeling of sleeping on a luxury yacht – it’s intimate, yet exclusive.

But a pleasure craft can also get a side view. This bedroom can not be closed completely. The door can of course be closed, but the wall of the wall that separates the bedroom from the mezzanine is just that – a flip-wall: Here you need light, sound and smell through.

And the mesanine has free connection to the room, which in turn has direct contact with the lower floor.

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

INTELLIGIOUS ROOM IN AIRCRAFT: The cedar games act as both bedspreads, wall coverings and gelsder. From here there is an open connection to home office on the floor above. Lighting plan and lamps are at SM Lys v / Kenneth Fossum in cooperation with the architects. Photo: Espen Grønli

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

LOW TAKE THE HIMLING: High people must move the duck cake through the mezzanine, which is mainly used as a reading desk and home office. The door at the end of the room leads out to a small balcony. NR Photo: Espen Grønli

It’s good for the ventilation in the house, but not so good for anyone who wants to get up when it’s party on time.

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

Paint the concrete on the wall

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Harry Hole was born in this old stable

BATHROOM WITH MARMOREFFE: The bathroom walls consist of marbled concrete plaster. The irregular pattern creates variation and excitement in an otherwise minimalistly decorated room. Under the concrete pads, bathroom slabs have been added to ensure compliance with the wet norm. Photo: Espen Grønli

Harry Hole was born in this old stable

RELAXED LUXURY IN FIRST: One of the ground floor rooms is furnished as a TV room. The sofa is from Hjelle, the coffee tables from Tom Dixon. The walls are applied to a type of sparkle that gives a marbled effect, just like the bathroom. Photo: Espen Grønli

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