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Hamstring of light bulbs is wasted

Do you drive with hamstring of light bulbs? Forget it. Also buy the new ones on the market.

Hamstring of light bulbs is wasted

This weekend, Aftenposten told us. No about hamstring of incandescent bulbs. The reason is that from 1. September is the end of all production of the traditional light bulb, which is replaced by new light bulbs. At the same time, imports of incandescent bulbs are forbidden.

Have you not yet hoisted incandescent bulbs before the stores get empty? Do not spend time on it. Save energy to get rid of the incandescent bulbs.

For according to general manager of Design Belysning AS, Øystein S. Owes, there is no reason to bully ordinary incandescent lamps now.

– There is one reason why these phases are out, he points out to Bonytt. no.

– They spend extremely much energy and give very little light in proportion to the amount of power they use.

So from now on there are halogen bulbs, fluorescent lamps and LED lights that apply. And you can turn them right into the luminaire you already have. You do not have to replace one lamp.

Hamstring of light bulbs is wasted

END OF GLOVES: Now, incandescent bulbs throughout Europe are replaced by halogen bulbs, fluorescent lamps and LED lights. Photo: Illustration Photo: THINKSTOCKPHOTOS

Halves energy consumption

The alternative bulbs

Halogen Bulb

A special type of filament bulb, which provides higher brightness and whiter light than glow plugs and has a life span of approximately 2000 hours. It is thought to save about 30 percent more energy than a traditional incandescent bulb.

They are in the same shape and appearance as incandescent lamps and can be used in the same way.

Spare Bulb

Low energy energy consuming only one fifth of the current incandescent bulb uses and has 4-15 times as long life. Can contain a maximum of 5 mg of mercury, while incandescent bulbs do not contain the heavy metal. Available in various forms, such as incandescent lamp, crown lamp, spiral, mignon m. fl.

There are power bulbs with power between 5 W and 32 W. They can provide light corresponding to incandescent lamps between 25 W and 150 W.


A LED – an electrical component that emits light when it receives electrical power. Produced as small and robust light sources with longevity.

Can save about 85 percent energy compared to incandescent bulbs.

Source: Evening Posts. no

According to energy consultant Hanne Jørgensen at the black service “Enova Svarer”, in a dwelling of around 120 square meters, it is common to use about 2. 500 kWh to light a year.

– It is quite possible for most households to streamline the use of light so that consumption can be halved, explains Bonytt’s adviser.. no.

On Enova’s pages, you will find further information on the effective use of light.

LED, low energy or halogen?

But what bulb would best replace the bulb?

– Kvikkfix is ​​a 230V halogen bulb with a regular screwdriver that has been found in the groceries since the phasing out began. In the long run, LED bulbs will take over more and more, explains the head of the N Knowledge Center for Light (Light Culture) , Erlend Lillelien to Bonytt. no.

Lillelien further states that you should be aware that LED bulbs distribute the light differently than the incandescent bulbs.

– For example, if you invested money in a dedicated light bulb, you will find that only parts of the screen are illuminated by the LED bulbs, he explained to Aftenposten.

Lillelien points out that, although there is still no alternative to the incandescent bulb in all respects, both energy saving bulbs, and especially LED bulbs, have become much better in recent years.

– Many are also now produced with a warmer light to emulate the incandescent bulbs.

Does not need to replace the lights

And to those who wonder if the new low-energy pairs will not fit in today’s socks, Adressa. no following answer, from departmental team:

“The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy explains that there are good alternatives to the traditional incandescent bulb, such as halogen bulbs and low energy bulbs that look like incandescent bulbs in design. It will not be necessary to replace lamps when the incandescent lamps get away from the store shelves. “

Straight pear to the right place


Fluorescent lamps and light bulbs provide good working light. It may be useful with additional lighting over the most common workplaces such as sink, workbench and stove.

The kitchen table can benefit from a dampening lighting, as this is a place for both food and work.

Living Room / Living Room

Based on individual needs. You will usually get good lighting for the whole room. If there is a need for additional lighting, use light bulbs.

For power lighting, low voltage halogen and LED can do the job.

Children’s room / bedroom

A luminaire with fluorescent lamps in the ceiling is to recommend both for cleanliness and good play conditions on the floor. In addition, wall lamps are recommended with light bulbs by the bed. On the desk, a adjustable desk lamp with fluorescent lamp or light bulb provides good working conditions.

In children’s rooms it is important that all lamps are screwed and use light bulbs to reduce fire hazard.

Entre / hall etc.

It is best to use ceiling-mounted luminaires with fluorescent lamps. In addition to wall decorations or the like, you can use low-voltage halogen pot and LED.

Staircase, loft and basement

Certain light bulbs / fluorescent lamps that have a long life and low energy consumption.


Use light bulbs with light sensor or time control.

One bulb should you hamster

However, according to Øystein Owesen, one bulb should be hamstered, if you need it, then. These are the bulbs that there are currently no replacement bulbs for.

Hamstring of light bulbs is wasted

BUY THESE: If you use such twisted mignon bulbs you may want to buy some while still in the store. Photo: picture: JULA. NO

– This applies to some types of incandescent lamps such as twisted mignon pears.

He emphasizes that the light quality of the new bulbs is as good or better than the incandescent bulb.

More information about the new light bulb type

Green Everyday has some information about saving bulbs.

The same has the Danish website Go’Energi.

sources: light culture. no, no. no, evening posts. no, enova. no

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