Half the cabin hangs in loose air

The cabin should be placed on a sloping plot. The result was a long and narrow cabin body hanging out over the terrain.

Half the cabin hangs in loose air

Half the cabin hangs in loose air

The whole cabin on the second floor

Half the cabin hangs in loose air

This cabin is in one with the terrain

Half the cabin hangs in loose air

Architect’s smart summer cabin

Half the cabin hangs in loose air

This is the same cabin

A legacy plot at Lista, hilly in its topography, became the site of the fulfillment of a cabin dream.

– The first meeting with the plot was indescribable and we knew we had to build a cabin that brought the beautiful nature into. We contacted an architect and started an intense design and construction process. The resort should be sheltered and easy to maintain, says the owners Åse and Stein Grytten.

Half the cabin hangs in loose air

BINDELEDD: The corridor is located between the living room and the bedrooms. The harp chair was designed by Jørgen Hovelskov in 1963 and is produced by Jørgen Christensen, exo today. as. Photo: Espen Grønli

In the middle of nature

The result was “The Weather”, a cabin that hangs out in the terrain with large windows that give residents a sense of being outside even if they are in.

When we sit in the room we feel that we are in the middle of the landscape, the light comes in from several edges and the scenery is amazing. The cabin is only 100 sqm, but we experience an incredible sense of space in this compact building because of the large glass surfaces and ceiling height.

The outermost part of the cabin hangs in the terrain and contributes to the experience of floating in nature. This way you also get insight and the cabin becomes very private.

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Lighting and View

The living room with kitchen is located in the glass bowl with light and view.

Half the cabin hangs in loose air

LARGE: The fireplace is in the middle of the room and is visible both from the lounge and dining area. Sofa from Skeidar. The room is narrow and far, but the glass surfaces and ceiling height make it feel bigger. Photo: Espen Grønli

The sleeping area and bathroom is built at the other end tied together with a longitudinal corridor.


Exterior is the hut with cedar and the hanging part has large, heat-dampened glass inserts with black aluminum profiles.

Inner walls that are not glass are sparkling and painted in bright colors. The main structure consists of black painted columns and longitudinal steel supports that give a rough look.

Half the cabin hangs in loose air

USED: The spaces on the site are sheltered. This is a tiled and has a patio. The furniture is purchased from Bohus. Photo: Espen Grønli

An important point for us was and is a maintenance-free cabin, materials that hold and windscreen without cracks so we do not have to paint them.

Architect’s Thoughts

Civil Architect Odd Klev was challenged when he would draw the cabin in the hilly terrain. The plot ends with a marked level leap down the road to the north. The glimpse of the sea lies in the same direction.

Klev says that the cabinet dramatizes the topography of the plot because it cracks over the north of the north – it is also an elaborate visual delineation of the living areas to the east. The building body thus shields against sight and wind.

The roof rises to the north so the glass area is maximized towards the sea view. The living zone is set north, while the quiet zones lie to the south.

Material uses are visible black painted steel columns and longitudinal steel supports. The roof is an air-conditioned wooden structure clad with stone slabs. The outer walls are covered with cedar and heat-absorbing glass in black aluminum profiles.

The outdoor groups have been added to shielded parts of the plot, and a small seating area overlooks the archipelago. It is sown lawn and one of the outside departments is sheltered, but most of the natural habitat is taken care of.

Undiscovered gem

The couple are talking warmly about the area around Lista and Farsund. An undiscovered gem, they tell. With a great archipelago without too much traffic and people.

– Our resort is not big and we have chosen a standard that means we do not have to do much here. We have short driving distance from the home in Mandal and the cabin has good facilities. It causes

It’s a lot in use.

Half the cabin hangs in loose air

LIGHT SLIPP: There are glass surfaces at the top of the wall in all rooms. The small windows provide air conditioning while not giving access. Sliding door directly to patio and morning coffee. Chair from Slettvoll. The bright spot in Kristiansand has delivered the slats. Photo: Espen Grønli

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Half the cabin hangs in loose air

POSITION AREA: The master bedroom has a private bathroom with practical sliding doors. Bathroom interior from Biga. Photo: Espen Grønli


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