Grow your own wine

With greenhouses in the garden, the road is short to mature grapes. We show you how to build the greenhouse.

Grow your own wine

Grow your own wine

Tomatoes are suitable, but far from the most exotic you can grow in greenhouses. Photo: Frode Larsen

Good Grape Variety

“Schuyler” is one of the fruits that carries the most fruits. It has blue grapes with nice aroma and sweet taste. This is an excellent plant for the hobby growing house.

«Vanessa» is fertile and lettuce in greenhouses. Red grapes without kernels. Flavors like a mixture of grapes / sprawling blueberries. «Lake Mont» are small, green grapes with good, sweet taste. They mature late in October. They have a form of resistance to fungal diseases so that they stay well beyond the fall.

Source: The greenhouse in the garden of Helge Petersen, Agricultural Association.

Old window greenhouses

Page windows, which are approx. 150 x 60 cm, was the starting point for this greenhouse. A turf was built in white paint, impregnated wood, essentially of 7 x 3 cm stoneworkers. The travel agency was attached to the wall at the back with expansion screws.

It was reinforced in the corners of the sloping roof. The glass roof is made of old windows. The rooftop rooftop is made with scaffolding. The floor is made of impregnated decking. It can also be molded with heating cables.

The windows are screwed, these are simple, but with double it is better insulated. The windows for the sliding doors are specially ordered by Rival, and the glasses are specially cut by glass master.

Grapes can be grown as plants or in the farmhouse in the greenhouse. Preferably plant the plant on the north wall so that it does not shine to others.

Cut the shots

In an unheated greenhouse it is advisable to add extra soil over the roots to avoid telephoto.

Air well and ensure good drainage and preferably light sandy soil.

When the stem reaches the desired height, cut the fruit-bearing shoots all the way to a few cm from the trunk, this must be done every year.

The windrow grows fast and takes up a lot of space. New planting can be done in spring or autumn.

The plant is usually delivered from the nursery, but at some gardeners and well-stocked flower shops you can buy plants that already bear fruit.

Move out in summer

The vine is a perennial and deciduous plant. First, there are herbaceous shoots, later woody branches that develop climbing threads.

The leaves are spread and are 10 to 15 cm in size.

The flowers are either single or double-sexed, and are based on wind pollination or self-pollination. The fruit is a berry with two rooms and two to four seeds, the grapes are green, yellow, red or blue.

The types recommended for greenhouse rivers are developing ripe grapes during the summer.

Grape plants do not like minus 15 degrees for several days in a row.

If you have the grapes in pots, these can be moved out in the summer, but in order for the grapes to mature, the ranks into the greenhouse should leave cool autumn evenings.

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Grow your own wine

REAL BØY: The cucumbers you cultivate yourself are individuals, not sorted mass products according to the EU’s linear norm. Photo: Frode Larsen

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