Great test of battery thrills

Two winners and one is a real surprise.

Great test of battery thrills

Great test of battery thrills

TEST PANEL: Jan Arild Larsen and Mike Steffen Storsveen Photo: Øivind Lie

Great test of battery thrills

TEST OF HOURS: We drilled holes until the battery was empty. Photo: Øivind Lie

Great test of battery thrills

Large hammer test

Great test of battery thrills

Here’s the perfect ax

Great test of battery thrills

Never more dry sparkle

Rechargeable screwdrivers are great things, whether you’re going to mount drywall or make perfect holes with a hole saw.

In the past we tested compact dreams here on clicks, but now the trip has come to the more powerful 14.4V class of driller.

Here we have been trying to find a machine that is powerful, fit animals, and cope with most of the tasks it is being set up for. Then we talk about heavier screwing, drilling, and preferably using medium-sized holes.

Finally, it would have been sovereign if this driller also tackles drilling in concrete.


With this starting point, we picked up rechargeable drills with a 14.4 volt strength.

Everyone has, in addition to the usual drill and screw functions, also impact function for drilling in concrete.

We have included seven drills in the professional segment and three designed for the hobbyist.

You will find the hobbies in a separate article here.

Closer at the top

Among the professional dreams there is no bad driller, and it was surprisingly close to the top.

Two bore the same score at the very top, with almost the same price. That means we have won two winners.

We must also be allowed to say that we are pleasantly surprised by Dewalt’s supercomeback. Close behind these two winners follows the rest of the drills with only a few points difference.

We’ve looked for this

The main criteria for this test are ease of use and capacity. Under ease of use, we have looked at how good the control switch gives. Can you control the speed from just a few turns to full speed. Is grasped well, fit big and sit well in hand. We have also considered whether the machine has a good balance. Here a relatively heavy drill can easily feel if the engineers have distributed the weight correctly.

At the point of capacity we have checked whether the drills handle the heavy screw jobs and if they also handle the scarcity of many battery dreams: hullsag.

In the case of drilling in concrete, none of the drills delivered as expected. These machines are fine for smaller holes, but you need to have a good time.

On the more demanding jobs, you’ll need to move on to more powerful and more dedicated machines.

Usage time has put a lot of emphasis on us. Although many of the drills have a battery of around 3.0 Ah (ampere-hours – how long batteries last on a charge) there are big differences in operating time.

We have also considered building quality. Here we have looked at material choices and other factors that determine whether this is a drill that can withstand rough use.


In the panel, Jan Arild Larsen and Mike Steffen Storsveen have been sitting. They are both electricians at Fixel. They have given the drills tough tasks over a period of two months.

In addition, the usage time of each drill is tested. We have done that by drilling holes with a 22 millimeter flat drill in regular, adjusted wood and then counting the number of holes each machine did before it stopped.


All the drills are given points from one to six where six are best. We have used the whole scale. This means that the machine that has received six or one point is only the best and worst in this range.

Which one should you choose?

Here you should choose from what characteristics you are looking for. For here, there are differences, between, for example, the robust and super-powerful Dewaltdrillen, the solid drill from Metabo and Hitachien, making it the best in use.

Below you will find the professional barrels we’ve tested . More affordable “hobbydrills” we’ve gathered here.

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