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Great test of battery thrills

Drillen is the best friend of the hobbyist. We test 9 models in different price ranges.

Great test of battery thrills

Great test of battery thrills

Photo: Karl Händel

Here’s how the test was done:

We’ve tested the screwing features and used bundles. The tool’s balance, torque and manageability have been evaluated.

The criteria are quality, capacity, features, design and value for money. Max points are 6.

Battery grill has become a mandatory tool. For those who just screw in one and the other screw, it’s a small model that even fits into a toolbox. Should you install plasterboard or do other jobs, better capacity is required.

See the best battery battery options in the Toolbox.

In this test we have seen some major battery-powered models that also facilitate easier drilling. Among the favorites of the test, Bosch and Black & Decker identify themselves. They can not be compared to the test’s reasonable models. Nevertheless, a less advanced model may be sufficient for easier jobs.

Capacity Difference

Most machines do a good job in wood, metal, ceramics and plastic. The test models work with a voltage of between 12 and 18 volts. Generally, the more volt, the more efficient the machine. For most needs, 12 volts are enough. Battery life is measured in amperage hours, and the different batteries have different charging times. If you want to make sure your work is not interrupted due to poor battery capacity, choose a dual-battery machine. Reasonable drills only have one battery, and an extra battery can actually cost as much as the machine.

Higher rotation

In order to drill in different materials, a slightly higher torque is often required to tighten screws lower torques. Many have two settings, with the lowest speed having better torque. Using different torque settings, you can tighten the screws just well, even though the screw dimension and material resistance vary. All models except Meec have plastic storage bags that also contain extra battery and charger.

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