Good reason to choose it on the left

– Softest and best for the stump are also best for toilet and pipe.

Good reason to choose it on the left

Even in small stores, the selection of dopapir can be large. Price and quality vary, and it’s difficult to know what we should emphasize the most.

In our big test of toilet paper, “Luxury Premium” Unique Premium came out the best. It was described as soft, thick and well-used.

If you put comfort to the highest, this will be the right choice. Then you can either worry about whether you hang the wheel the right way.

But many of us also want to pay attention to the environment. Can we resort to the quality of sandpaper?

Not necessarily.

– We often say that the “softest and best litter paper is also best for the toilet and drainage pipes,” says senior engineer at the water and drainage plant in Oslo municipality ( VAV), Vivi Paulsen.

– Do not use recycled paper

The reason is that thin and soft doping paper that goes fast in resolution is best from a drainage point of view.

Paulsen therefore believes that the luxury rolls thank them recycled.

Nordic Ecolabel

Requirements that must be met to be certified:

  • Cellulose-based soft tissue of new and / or recycled fiber can be swan labeled
  • Perfume can not be a part of the paper product. Essential oils that will give odor can not be used.
  • CO2 emissions from purchased electricity and fossil fuels for heating and electricity must not exceed 1100 kg CO2 / ton of paper.
  • All chemicals used in production must meet the requirements for Chemical Module Version 2.1.

Read all the requirements here.

– What’s with recycled dop paper is that it contains more glue, so this goes much slower in resolution compared to soft and fine dopapir. It’s a pity, because recycled paper should initially be an eco-friendly measure, she says.

For VAV, however, all the other things we put in the toilet are a big problem.

– Both heavy-duty dop paper, dry clean paper and all types of wet wipes create problems for the drain pipes. They do not dissolve in water in the same way as easily soluble dopapir. If this fits or pours up inside the pipes, it will cause the pipe to become dense and sewage will flow into the basement shut or turn off the bath, she says.

VAV therefore recommends no special toilet paper mark, but recommends reading what is stated on the package.

The first thing to look for is the Swan label.

A total of 73 types of toilet paper are approved by this certification. It also includes the most common and most recognizable brands, such as Lambi, Unique and First Price.

However, unlike VAV, the future of our hands recommends buying the recycled variants among these.

– Use recycled paper

– Recycled is probably better because the total environmental impact, including forestry, energy use in production, chemicals, greenhouse gas emissions, etc., is less for recycled paper, says HÃ¥kon Lindahl’s Future Advisor.

Good reason to choose it on the left

DORULL: Even in small stores, the range of dopapir can be large. Price and quality vary, and it’s hard to know what we should emphasize the most. PHOTO: Elya / Wikimedia Photo: Elya / Wikimedia

He adds that the Swan label also requires that the recycled paper be dissolved quickly in the drain.

It may seem that the recycled rolls that are not certified are those you should control.

– Gray paper is probably marginally better for the environment than white because the bleaching process requires a lot of chemicals. But the worst bleaches are prohibited in swan-labeled dopapir, so the difference in environmental impact is probably not very big, says Lindahl.

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