Good light saves the day

If you place the light sources correctly and select lamps with soft light, you are guaranteed a good start to the day.

Good light saves the day

Good light saves the day

Shelf in the bathroom

Good light saves the day

Two sex, two baths

Good light saves the day

Wet Dreams

Good light saves the day

Here you get Greece all by yourself

Soft light gives a good mood in the bathroom. And you get it by illuminating the most important areas instead of lighting the entire room.

– Think about which zones you use and concentrate on getting light in the shower room and brushing your teeth, “says light consultant Kenneth Hansen in Expo Nova Light.

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It is important that the light sources do not blend and that the light can be regulated with a dimmer. With a regular spot placed above the mirror, the light hits the face in a way that gives shadows under the nose and chin. On the other hand, if you choose glass shavings mounted on each side at face level, the lighting becomes soft and far flattering. To the domes you can choose traditional incandescent lamps or halogen bulbs. The usual incandescent bulbs currently provide the light closest to the daylight’s ability to reproduce colors. Should you have fluorescent lamps, they should have a low color temperature.

Current Trends

  • Lighting concentrated in zones of space.
  • Shower head with integrated light.
  • Light in the wall down the floor or in the floor.
  • Use of chandelier or pendant lamp.
  • Square Spots.
  • White or black light fixture instead of aluminum.
Good light saves the day

RØFF: “Tube” from Light-Point is a rough spot that dresses a rugged bath. Price kr 1200. Also available in the variant «Loop». Marnburg Interior. Photo: Manufacturers

Good light saves the day

Exciting style mix in the bathroom

What can be used where?

There are different requirements for bathroom fixtures depending on where the bathroom is to be used. In areas exposed to water, the lamps must have a density, so-called IP value equal to 44.

For shower napkins, there are own supertight luminaires with IP value 65. More information is available from your dealer.

Want to know more about light? See, and the article “Bright Ideas for All Rooms” in Bonytt No. 11, 2007.


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